Weekly challenge 3: Explore design systems – Shuffle Q/A 2

34. Which of the following describes an open-source design system?

  • It is a guide on how to create the best prototypes
  • It is a public design system that can be used by any team of designers to create different mobile apps and websites.
  • It is a collection of research insights to help inform designs.
  • It is a guide for users to understand the reasoning behind design choices.

35. Fill in the blank: Sticker sheets are useful in a design system because _____.

  • designers can develop elements and components from scratch
  • designers can create each instance of a component
  • designers can apply their individual style when working with other designers
  • designers can work faster and avoid rework

36. Is a component made up of elements?

  • Yes, a component will generally have multiple elements.
  • No, an element is made up of many components.
  • Maybe, a component and an element can have many different parts.

37. To add layer and depth to your interface, which feature of Material Design should you use?

  • Elevation
  • Navigation
  • Style guide
  • Cover

38. Which of the following is a series of reusable elements and guidelines that allow teams to design and develop a product following predetermined standards?

  • A design system
  • Support code
  • Visual style
  • Wireframes and prototypes

39. Consider the following scenario:

Gabriel is a designer working on a client’s design project. Gabriel is new to the team and is working with a developer who is also new to the company. When discussing the project, both Gabriel and the developer are able to reference the company’s design system.

What is the result of implementing a design system?

  • Helped designers and developers work together more effectively
  • Implemented an outline for managing the project
  • Scaled the product
  • Reinforced the engineering team’s ideas for the project

40. A design team is hiring an additional designer to help manage the increased workload. What is the best resource they can share to help them understand the brand’s visual design elements?

  • The company’s writing style guide
  • The lead designer’s portfolio
  • The company website’s About page
  • The company’s design system

41. Fill in the blank: Resources in a design system contain helpful tools like _____ to help designers build designs quickly and learn how to use elements effectively. Select all that apply.

  • downloadable icons and fonts
  • type scale generator
  • baseline design kits
  • prototype templates

42. What is a sticker sheet?

  • Components provided by large companies like Google and Shopify
  • Inspirational designs that a designer can reference while making new designs
  • A collection of elements and components that make up part of the design system
  • Anything that is downloaded and added to an existing mockup

Shuffle Q/A 3

43. Fill in the blank: If a startup’s team is growing rapidly, a design system promotes _____ and helps the design team maintain performance levels.

  • scalability
  • user conversion
  • profitability
  • company values

44. What components can be used in a sticker sheet? Select all that apply.

  • Icons
  • Colors
  • Sound clips
  • Buttons

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