Week 3 – Working effectively with stakeholders – Shuffle Q/A 4

49. As a project manager, you have made a list of stakeholders and determined their interest and influence in a project. What is often the next step in a stakeholder analysis?

  • Determine each stakeholder’s level of influence
  • Schedule a meeting with stakeholders to introduce the team
  • Assess each stakeholder’s ability to participate and find ways to involve them
  • Complete a budget analysis for the project

50. As a project manager creating a team, what is an important step that enables team members to complete tasks?

  • Ensure each team member has the necessary skills to complete the tasks
  • Ensure all team members are able to effectively communicate with stakeholders
  • Ensure all team members have an interest in the project
  • Ensure all team members are friendly and nice

51. Which of the following responsibilities typically belong to the project manager? Select all that apply.

  • Control change and monitor project quality
  • Sign off on the budget
  • Develop the project management plan
  • Direct project work and report on progress to stakeholders

52. As a project manager, you are defining the goals and outcomes for a project. Who should help you with this?

  • Minor players
  • Team members
  • Project vendors
  • Stakeholders

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