Operating System in Practice – Shuffle Q/A 1

23. What is one benefit of using a virtual machine vs a physical one?

  • Virtual machines don’t require passwords
  • Multiple users can use one virtual machine
  • Virtual machines are free to use on the cloud
  • It’s very simple to change virtual hardware resource allocation

24. Alex is trying to start an Ubuntu virtual machine for the first time. They’ve already installed Virtual Box on their Windows computer, which of the following is a good next step?

  • Download the Ubuntu OS image
  • Restart the virtual instance
  • Download a Windows OS image
  • Add more physical RAM

25. You’ve found a log file with a long list of errors in it. Where in the log would be a good place to start searching for the problem?

  • The top
  • The middle
  • The bottom

26. What remote connection tool is built into the command line after PuTTY is installed on a Windows computer?

  • PuTTYPwrShell
  • PuTTYcmd
  • Plink
  • Premote

27. What is a virtual instance?

  • A program for creating virtual machines
  • A virtual machine that has been copied
  • A virtual machine that only runs in the CLI
  • A single virtual machine

28. In Linux, what type of messages are stored in the /var/log/dmesg file?

  • Diagnostic messages
  • System messages
  • System startup messages
  • Direct messages

29. What is a benefit of cloning a hard drive versus installing from installation media?

  • A cloned drive is more secure
  • Cloned drives will last longer
  • Installing from installation media is more resource intensive
  • The cloned drive also includes settings and folders

30. When using the SCP command, what information will you need to complete the transfer? (Choose all that apply)

  • Source hostname
  • Destination IP address
  • Destination user
  • Source IP address

31. What does SSH stand for?

  • Secure Shell
  • Single Server Hold
  • Secure Service Handler
  • Solid State Handshake

32. Which of the following is needed to virtualize an instance of Ubuntu the first time? (Choose all that apply)

  • A physical host machine
  • Software for installing an OS image
  • An image of Ubuntu
  • A Windows host system

Shuffle Q/A 2

33. What Windows application stores events logged by the operating system?

  • Event Viewer
  • SLogGUI
  • LogOS View
  • Powershell

34. It is important that log are regularly cleaned out to make room for new ones. In Linux, what utility manages this?

  • logswap
  • cleanlog
  • logrotate
  • delnewlog

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