Operating System in Practice – Shuffle Q/A 2

35. What happens when you type the following command in the Linux command line: sudo dd if=/dev/sdd of=~/Desktop/USBcopy.imge bs=100M? Select all that apply.

  • You will create an image file on your desktop
  • You will create a file called “100M.”
  • You will make a copy of all data located on an sdd device.
  • You will delete a file called “USBcopy.imge.”

36. What is the Microsoft Terminal Services Client used for?

  • Enabling terminal connections on a remote computer.
  • Locating terminals running on a computer.
  • Creating RDP connections to remote computers.
  • Connecting with Linux computers outside of the local network.

37. What is one reason you might avoid sharing a folder with everyone on your network in Windows?

  • It means your computer always needs to be on.
  • It’s resource intensive.
  • It removes anything you’ve already placed in the folder.
  • It’s not very secure.

38. In the Windows Event viewer, what is the highest logging level for an event?

  • Top
  • Critical
  • Warning
  • High

39. What event grouping can be used in the Windows Event Viewer to filter specific types of events?

  • Filter Views
  • Custom Views
  • Error View
  • Sorted Logs

40. You’re working on a computer, but the log doesn’t show any clear errors. Where in the log would be a good place to start searching for the problem?

  • The bottom
  • The top
  • The middle

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