Package and Software Management

16. Which of the following file types are used to guide software installations in Windows? Select all that apply.

  • deb files
  • .mpg files
  • .exe files
  • .msi files

17. What does the following command do in Ubuntu:dpkg -i UbuTestPackage?

  • Uninstall a Debian package named “DPKG”
  • Search for a package that is installed on your Linux system
  • Uninstall a Debian package named “UbuTestPackage”
  • Install a Debian standalone package named “UbuTestPackage”

18. Fill in the blank: _____ are a central managed marketplace for app developers to publish and sell mobile apps.

  • Package managers
  • Windows executables
  • Debian packages
  • App stores

19. Which of the following Powershell commands will take all files from the desktop “TestArchive” directory, and archive it in a “” file?

  • Create-Archive -path C:\Users\testuser\Desktop\TestArchive\ ~\Desktop\
  • B: Expand-Archive -path C:\Users\testuser\Desktop\TestArchive\ ~\Desktop\
  • Archive -path C:\Users\testuser\Desktop\ ~\Desktop\TestArchive\
  • *A: Compress-Archive -path C:\Users\testuser\Desktop\TestArchive\ ~\Desktop\

20. Which of the following is a third party package manager for Windows?

  • Chocolatey
  • Windows installer
  • Puppet
  • SCCM

21. Which of the following is the repository source file in Ubuntu?

  • /etc/repository_sources
  • /etc/APT/sources.list
  • /etc/repsrc.lst
  • /apt/repositories.lst

22. In Ubuntu, when a device is connected to your computer, a device file is created in the /dev directory. What kind of device might create a file called /dev/sdc?

  • A monitor
  • A keyboard
  • A printer
  • A memory stick

23. Which of the following actions can be done through right-clicking in Windows’ Device Manager console? Select all that apply.

  • Uninstalling a device driver
  • Installing a new device driver
  • Disabling a device driver
  • Updating a device driver

24. Which of the following actions may update your Linux device drivers? Select all that apply.

  • Installing a kernel module
  • Updating the /dev directory
  • Plugging in a new device
  • Updating the Linux kernel

25. Which of the following commands will install a new version of the Linux kernel?

  • install NewKernel
  • uname -r
  • sudo apt update
  • sudo apt full-upgrade

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26. Which of the following is a method for installing an app into a mobile OS?

  • Side-loading
  • Unlocking
  • Down-storing
  • Uploading

27. Which of the following file types are a common type of archive file? Select all that apply.

  • .tar files
  • .rar files
  • .msi files
  • .deb files

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