Device Software Management

11. Which of these does Windows use to search for the right driver for a new piece of hardware connected to a Windows computer?

  • A data block
  • A hardware ID
  • A security patch
  • Kernel modules

12. In Linux, in the /dev directory, which of these devices starts with sd?

  • USB flash drives
  • Keyboards
  • Monitors
  • Mice

13. Which of the following correctly describes a "Security Patch?"

  • A program that runs in the background on the computer and downloads and installs updates
  • An entirely new, more secure, version of an operating system
  • A piece of fabric that’s meant to patch a broken cable
  • A piece of software that’s meant to fix up a security hole.

14. What controls the core components of the operating system in Linux?

  • Update driver
  • The Device Manager
  • The kernel
  • BASH

15. What type of Windows update model releases a full new system update package each month that supersedes the previous month’s update?

  • Cumulative update
  • Independent update
  • Driver update
  • Sudo apt update

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