Package Managers

6. What's the difference between apt and dpkg? Check all that apply.

  • apt is used as a package manager.
  • dpkg installs package dependencies.
  • dpkg is used as a standalone Debian package command.
  • apt installs package dependencies.

7. Which of the following PowerShell commands will install the fictional package "awesomesoftware" from the Chocolatey software source?

  • Install-Package -Name awesomesoftware -Source chocolatey
  • source chocolatey – Install-Package -Name awesomesoftware
  • Install-Package -Name chocolatey -Source awesomesoftware
  • Install-Package -Name awesomesoftware -Source MicrosoftWindows –

8. Before installing a software, which of the following commands should be run to get an updated version of the software?

  • apt remove
  • apt search
  • apt install
  • apt update

9. ________makes sure that the process of software installation, removal, update, and dependency management is as easy and automatic as possible.

  • An update
  • A package manager
  • A software package
  • Software distribution

10. What does APT stand for?

  • Administrative Program Tool
  • Assist Package Tool
  • Advance Package Tool
  • Advance Program Tool

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