Process Management – Shuffle Q/A 2

39. What happens to background apps while a foreground app is in use on iOS and Android?

  • The background apps will take turns running in the background to use less processing power.
  • The OS will suspend background mobile apps.
  • The background apps continue to run normally.
  • The OS will terminate the background apps.

40. When using the ps -ef command to read process information in Linux, what is the process’ PPID?

  • The terminal associated with the process
  • The ID of the person who launched the process
  • The Process Identification number of its parent
  • Its Process Identification number

41. What are the two most common ways to terminate a process in Linux at the CLI? Select two options.

  • Use the kill -KILL pidcommand
  • Use the terminate process command.
  • Use the end process command.
  • Use the kill pidcommand.

42. Which of the following Linux commands lists open files and what processes are using them?

  • lsof
  • uptime
  • ps -ef
  • top

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