Week 1 – Effective questions – Shuffle Q/A 2

21. On a customer service questionnaire, a data analyst asks, “If you could contact our customer service department via chat, how much valuable time would that save you?” Why is this question unfair?

  • It is closed-ended
  • It uses slang words that not everyone can understand
  • It is vague
  • It makes assumptions

22. Fill in the blank: To apply structured thinking, a data analyst should ______ the available information in order to reveal gaps and opportunities and recognize the current problem or situation.

  • organize
  • communicate
  • share
  • record

23. A national chain of sporting goods stores advertises during popular sporting television broadcasts. This is an example of the company doing what?

  • Reaching its target audience
  • Demonstrating its support for a sports team
  • Defining the problem to be solved
  • Monitoring social feedback

24. In data analysis, categorizing things involves which of the following?

  • Creating new classifications for items and assigning grades to items
  • Assigning items to categories
  • Taking an inventory of items
  • Determining how items are different from each other

25. The question, “Why was the Monday afternoon yoga class successful?” is not measurable. Which of the following questions presents a measurable way to learn about the yoga class?

  • Why do people like taking yoga classes on Mondays?
  • How many customers responded to our recent half-price yoga promotion?
  • Is yoga a great way to stretch and strengthen your body?
  • Do yoga instructors seem more energetic at the beginning of the week?

26. Why should a data analyst only ask fair questions?

  • Unfair questions do not have answers.
  • Unfair questions can provide data that is misleading.
  • Fair questions are biased.
  • Fair questions do not offend people.

27. In the share step of the data analysis process, a data analyst summarizes their results using data visualizations and creates a slideshow to present to stakeholders. What else might they do in this step?

  • Collect data.
  • Communicate findings.
  • Organize the available information
  • Shred paper files.

28. If a cooking supply store wants to attract more customers, where can they advertise to better reach their target audience? Select all that apply.

  • On TV during the season finale of The Best Chef in the Universe
  • At a bus stop near a local culinary school
  • On a podcast for foodies
  • In a magazine all about advertising

Shuffle Q/A 3

29. Making predictions is one of the six data analytics problem types. How does data factor into such problem types?

  • The data informs the predictions.
  • The data confirms the decisions.
  • The data are the predictions.
  • The predictions validate the data.

30. Which of the following examples are closed-ended questions? Select all that apply.

  • How tall are you?
  • What did you think about the article that I sent you?
  • What is your opinion of the new movie?
  • Have you taken this class before?

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