Week 1 – Introduction to make the sale: build, launch, and manage e-commerce stores – Shuffle Q/A 1

13. An e-commerce business receives a large amount of website traffic. What does this traffic data indicate?

  • The number of return customers
  • The number of visits to the website
  • The number of sign-ups to the business’s newsletter
  • The number of sales made on the website

14. What capabilities do e-commerce platforms offer businesses?

  • Create and maintain a digital storefront and sell products or services online
  • Manage inventory and improve physical storefront capabilities
  • Manage a physical storefront and order inventory online
  • Build and track physical storefront sales and inventory

15. What information does a marketer gather when researching a company’s market size?

  • The level of demand for the company’s products or services
  • A description of customers most likely to purchase the company’s products or services
  • The general public’s budget for the company’s products or services
  • The company’s most important competition

16. How do tools like Google Trends help you determine the demand for a product?

  • They allow you to compare reviews and determine a product’s biggest competitor.
  • They allow you to calculate the net profit of future products.
  • They allow you to monitor the traffic to your website.
  • They allow you to compare products and determine audience interest.

17. Fill in the blank: Dropshipping, partnering with a vendor or wholesale supplier, and designing and creating custom products to manufacture are all examples of _____.

  • ways a company can source products for their business
  • shipping products from the supplier directly to the customer
  • promoting a product or service by identifying it with a particular brand
  • demographics to consider when conducting market research

18. Why is quality an important part of a company’s branding? Select all that apply.

  • Customers want to interact with products that make their lives easier or fit their lifestyle.
  • Customers want to be able to easily get the help they need.
  • Customers want to be able to rely on a company’s products.
  • Customers want to shop in person whenever they feel like it.

19. An online store sells home goods such as furniture and kitchen appliances. These products are examples of which common e-commerce category?

  • Digital products
  • Physical goods
  • Software
  • Services

20. Which of the following is considered an e-commerce service?

  • Business consulting
  • Home and office furniture
  • E-books
  • Video editing software

21. A brick-and-mortar store’s location and hours make it difficult for customers to visit. How does e-commerce offer the business a solution to its problem?

  • E-commerce stores allow customers to purchase a product at any time from anywhere.
  • E-commerce stores require customers to reserve a product before they purchase it.
  • E-commerce stores help customers find specific products.
  • E-commerce stores offer discounted prices when customers order online.

22. Fill in the blank: An “add to cart” button on a product page or a link that says “sign up to subscribe to our newsletter” on a website’s homepage are examples of _____.

  • market research
  • calls to action
  • dropshipping
  • net profit margin

Shuffle Q/A 2

23. An e-commerce marketer conducts secondary research to learn about a business and its audience. Which activities will they likely conduct for this secondary research?

  • Gather information from direct observation and surveys
  • Gather information from focus groups and interviews
  • Gather information from published sources and consumer insights
  • Gather information from public articles and direct observation

24. Which of the following customer demographics enable a marketer to better understand their target audience?

  • Income level, education level, and occupation
  • Income, purchase history, and shopping habits
  • Location, personal beliefs, and opinions
  • Age, social media activities, and health status

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