Week 2 – Creating data visualizations with Tableau – Shuffle Q/A 1

11. A data analyst is working with the World Happiness data in Tableau. What tool do they use to select the area on the map representing Finland?

  • Pan
  • Rectangular
  • Radial
  • Lasso

12. A data analyst is using the Pan tool in Tableau. What are they doing?

  • Rotating the perspective while keeping a certain object in view
  • Taking a screenshot of the visualization
  • Copying a data point to a second location in the visualization
  • Deselecting a data point from within the visualization

13. Fill in the blank: In Tableau, the Label tool is located on the _____ shelf.

  • pages
  • columns
  • rows
  • marks

14. A data analyst is giving a presentation with the World Happiness data in Tableau. Their insights focus only on those countries with a happiness score greater than 4.5. What tool can they use to show only those countries while hiding the rest?

  • Format
  • Filter
  • Attribute
  • Dimension

15. An analyst working in Tableau uses color to show the range where a data point is from and intensity to show its magnitude. What is this called?

  • Value overlay
  • Diverging palette
  • Color attribute
  • Conditional formatting

16. Fill in the blank: In Tableau, a _____ visualization is one that can change over time.

  • interpretive
  • dynamic
  • interactive
  • sensitive

17. You are designing a visualization in Tableau and you want to ensure it is accessible. What can you apply with the Color tool in Tableau to make your visualization accessible for people with color vision deficiencies?

  • palette
  • filtering
  • variation
  • contrast

18. You are working with the World Happiness data in Tableau. What tool do you use to change your point of view of Italy?

  • Radial
  • Rectangular
  • Pan
  • Lasso

Shuffle Q/A 2

19. A data analyst working with the World Happiness data in Tableau displays the populations of each country in their visualization. What tool did they use?

  • Detail
  • Tooltip
  • Size
  • Label

20. A data analyst is creating a visualization in Tableau Public. They want to keep it private from other users until it is complete. Which icon should they click?

  • Source
  • Close
  • Private
  • Eye


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