Week 2 – Sparkling-clean data – Shuffle Q/A 3

31. You are working with the following selection of a spreadsheet:

In order to extract the five-digit postal code from North Wales, PA, what is the correct function?

  • =LEFT(5,B2)
  • =LEFT(B2,5)
  • =RIGHT(5,B2)
  • =RIGHT(B2,5)

32. A data analyst in a human resources department is working with the following selection of a spreadsheet:

They want to create employee identification numbers (IDs) in column D. The IDs should include the year hired plus the last four digits of the employee’s Social Security Number(SS#). What function will create the ID 20142683 for the employee in row 3?


33. To evaluate how well two or more data sources work together, data analysts use data mapping.

  • True
  • False

34. An analyst is cleaning a new dataset containing 500 rows. They want to make sure the data contained from cell B2 through cell B300 does not contain a number greater than 50. Choose the statement that includes the correct syntax for this COUNTIF function?

  • =COUNTIF(B2:B300,”>50″)
  • =COUNTIF(B2:B300,”<50”)
  • =COUNTIF(B2:B300,>50)
  • =COUNTIF(B2:B300,<=50)

35. Fill in the blank: Data mapping is the process of _____ fields from one data source to another.

  • matching
  • extracting
  • inserting
  • transforming

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