Week 2 – The customer journey and the marketing funnel – Shuffle Q/A 2

25. What awareness tactic helps businesses reach new customers?

  • Remove negative customer reviews
  • Spend less time on SEO
  • Offer free samples and trial memberships
  • Build promotional partnerships with other brands or influencers

26. Why do marketers track impressions, reach, and frequency at the top of the marketing funnel?

  • It determines a company’s overall success.
  • It lowers the cost of a campaign.
  • It speeds up the customer journey.
  • It shows them how effective their ads are. 

27. How can digital marketers create a positive post-purchase experience and encourage customer loyalty?

  • Provide accurate product descriptions
  • Send them coupons for an item they recently purchased
  • Ask for a referral
  • Invite them to join a rewards program

28. Why is it important to measure both the number of conversions in the marketing funnel, and metrics such as the time to conversion and average number of touchpoints to conversion?

  • Because it raises customer awareness and attracts new customers
  • Because this metric allows companies to boost sales and save money
  • Because it provides valuable insights into how customers interact with a  brand
  • Because this measurement reveals the level of engagement customers have with a company’s rewards program

29. Fill in the blank: Digital marketing helps online companies stand out from the competition by _____.

  • identifying new vendors
  • reaching potential customers
  • increasing stakeholder engagement
  • emailing former employees

30. Fill in the blank: Digital marketing allows you to create _____ for your social media accounts that reach the right audience.

  • loyalty
  • short-term goals
  • sales targets
  • tailored content

31. Why are customer journey maps important for digital marketers? Select two answers.

  • They help marketers understand how and why customers interact with a business.
  • They help marketers reduce advertising costs.
  • They help marketers create better, more user-friendly experiences.
  • They help marketers drive sales.

32. What is a visual representation of the process through which people go from first learning about a brand to becoming loyal customers?

  • A loyalty funnel
  • A customer journey funnel
  • A marketing funnel
  • A customer experience funnel

33. What are the four stages of a simple marketing funnel?

  • Consideration, conversion, loyalty, satisfaction
  • Awareness, conversion, loyalty, close
  • Loyalty, consideration, awareness, sale
  • Awareness, consideration, conversion, loyalty

34. What tactic can businesses use to increase their awareness and reach potential customers?

  • Improve search engine optimization rankings and results by optimizing website content around specific search terms
  • Showcase positive customer feedback and reviews
  • Offer free samples, tools, or trial memberships that let potential customers test out services before committing
  • Create ads based on products and pages potential customers previously visited

Shuffle Q/A 3

35. To set themselves apart at the conversion stage, businesses should provide useful content and experiences. Which of the following tactics will help? Select all that apply.

  • Rewards programs
  • Product-focused ads
  • Follow-up emails
  • A clear returns policy
  • A smooth checkout process

36. Consider the following scenario:

A customer makes an online purchase. First, they discover the product. Then, they find answers to their questions, decide to make the purchase, and recommend the product to others.

What is the path called that the customer takes from finding the product to recommending it?

  • The strategic marketing plan
  • The company pain points
  • The awareness tactic
  • The customer journey

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