Week 2 – Thinking like a UX designer – Shuffle Q/A 3

40. Fill in the blank: During the empathize phase of the design thinking process, your primary goal is to _____.

  • align as a team
  • learn more about the user
  • generate as many ideas as possible
  • determine the problem that will be solved

41. During the test phase (also known as the evaluate phase), you’re trying to determine if the design that you created actually solves the user’s problem. What are some best practices to follow when conducting usability testing during the test phase? Select all that apply.

  • Analyze the usability testing results.
  • Tell your users exactly how to accomplish the tasks you’ve asked them to do.
  • Observe, listen, and take notes while the user completes the tasks.
  • est your prototype with real people who represent your user.

42. What is a brand identity?

  • How a company develops marketing and advertising
  • The marketing team’s output
  • What users think of a company
  • The visual appearance and voice of a company

43. Fill in the blank: Equity-focused design is both accessible and fair to _____ .

  • the next billion users
  • all genders, races, and abilities
  • all target users
  • the general public

44. A user with limited vision is interacting with a mobile device. Software on the device is making the text easier to read by changing the color of the text. What assistive technology does this scenario describe?

  • High contrast mode
  • Reading mode
  • A switch
  • Alternative text

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