Week 3 – Ads and campaigns in e-commerce – Shuffle Q/A 4

49. When optimizing your e-commerce strategy, you should simplify the buying process by eliminating customer pain points. What can you do to help with this process?

  • Analyze simple research, like customer surveys or focus groups
  • Create promotional events that correspond with peak days to help drive sales
  • Explore what customers around the world are searching for on Google
  • Adjust product prices so that they match or are lower than the competitors

50. A business considers online advertising compared to traditional advertising. Their goal is to track where people viewed their ads, how many people clicked them, and how many clicks led to a purchase. What key benefit of online advertising applies to this specific goal?

  • Online advertising is time sensitive and more cost-effective than traditional advertising.
  • Online advertising helps advertisers gather data and determine where to spend advertising dollars.
  • Online advertising allows businesses to market to internet users in different countries.
  • Online advertising is quick and easy to produce compared to traditional advertising.

51. When creating a Smart Shopping campaign, why should you select the products you would like to advertise in the campaign?

  • To increase the campaign’s specificity and improve its performance
  • To reduce the campaign’s specificity and improve the campaign’s performance
  • To improve the campaign’s lead generation and views per customer
  • To maximize the value of conversions within the provided average daily budget

52. E-commerce marketers consider the regular fluctuation of e-commerce traffic around special holidays, events, and weather on a quarterly or yearly basis. What does this concept enable them to do?

  • Apply the same marketing strategy during on- and off-season periods of the year
  • Use the on-season to build brand awareness and target new contacts and audiences
  • Plan for customers to consistently make more purchases during the off-season
  • Determine when a business will receive a potential increase or slowdown in revenue sales

53. E-commerce specialists often use the Google Trends forum. What does this tool enable them to do?

  • Increase a product’s price to make it competitive with other retailers
  • Automatically target customers with limited-time deals, discounts, or free shipping
  • Identify where a customer decided to leave the shopping experience
  • Explore what customers around the world are searching for on Google

54. A business owner searches for a cost-effective advertising solution that will allow them to reach a global audience. Their goal is to reach customers quickly by using an easy-to-produce method. What form of marketing should they consider?

  • Print marketing
  • Smart bidding
  • Online advertising
  • Traditional campaigns

55. Fill in the blank: _____ are an essential part of the online buying and selling process because they promote online inventory and boost traffic to a retailer’s website store.

  • Search campaigns
  • Video campaigns
  • Shopping campaigns
  • Display campaigns

56. As an entry-level e-commerce marketer, you require an automated and straightforward business marketing experience when creating ad campaigns. Why does a Smart campaign suit your requirements?

  • It offers detailed analytics and data to determine the highest conversion rate
  • It has control limitations, including limited campaign goals, keywords, and control of budget
  • It allows Google to control the direction of the campaign and how the budget is spent
  • It reaches customers who know what they want and are ready to make a purchase

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