Week 3 – Apply search engine optimization (SEO) – Shuffle Q/A 3

37. What are some benefits of good anchor text? Select all that apply.

  • Helps visitors navigate the website
  • Helps Google understand what the page you are linking to is about
  • Helps visitors with a visual impairment understand the link
  • Helps Google place a manual action on the webpage

38. What recommendation will help a marketer create effective web page titles?

  • A page title should repeat relevant keywords.
  • A page title should be used for more than one web page.
  • A page title should relate to the content on the page.
  • A page title should be long and descriptive.

39. What does adding structured data markup to an e-commerce web page help Google Search do?

  • Guarantee the web page will appear in search results for all types of searches
  • Understand the page features and display content effectively in search results
  • Identify any fake or irrelevant data and either remove or correct it
  • Display pages with invalid markup lower in search results pages

40. When using Google Search Console, you will receive an email if an unusual event occurs. What is an example of such an unusual event?

  • New content has been added to the website
  • Google has difficulties crawling the website
  • Google has indexed the website
  • A decrease in the click count on the website

41. Why would a website receive a Manual Action report?

  • The website has a low position in the SERPs, which means it will not receive many clicks.
  • The website is linked to by spammy websites, which cause computer viruses.
  • The website contains keyword stuffing, which is against Google’s quality guidelines.
  • The website was hacked, which could potentially harm a visitor.

42. How can a marketer optimize a company’s website to build customers’ trust?

  • Link website content to as many external websites as possible to increase traffic
  • Identify what keywords visitors are searching for and implement keyword stuffing
  • Provide clear customer service information that helps visitors solve their problems
  • Repurpose old content that visitors enjoy and are familiar with

43. As a digital marketer managing a website, you are changing the domain name from example.com to example.org. Which Search Console tool would you use to inform Google of this change?

  • Removals tool
  • Submit sitemaps tool
  • Change of address tool
  • URL Inspection tool

44. How can good anchor text help you implement SEO for your website?

  • Good anchor text relies on the number of links rather than the quality of the links to the website
  • It informs search engines not to associate your website with the site you’re linking to
  • It allows you to link to sites that are reputable but do not include information you want to endorse
  • Good anchor text helps visitors navigate your site and helps Google understand what the page you’re linking to is about

45. As a digital marketer, you are reviewing image content on your company’s website. You notice that several of the images are an original version with a large file size. Which of the following image best practices is this likely not following?

  • Provide accessible colors
  • Use descriptive alt text
  • Include descriptive titles, captions, and filenames
  • Optimize for speed

46. You are interested in displaying interactive features and product pricing in your search results. What can you add to your website to achieve this goal?

  • Structured data
  • Snippet data
  • Search data
  • Unique data

47. Fill in the blank: Many website platforms such as WordPress, Wix, or Blogger automatically create and make a _____ available for search engines.

  • crawler
  • snippet
  • sitemap
  • search map

48. What Search Console report indicates if your website has been hacked, or behavior on the site could potentially harm a visitor or their computer?

  • Manual Action report
  • Security Issues report
  • Coverage report
  • Web Search Performance report

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