Week 3 – Defining user problems – Shuffle Q/A 2

28. A designer reaches the final stage of building value propositions. They review their official value proposition list. Using this list, how can they make sure their product stands out from the competition? Select the two that apply.

  • Remove value propositions that are offered by competitors
  • Identify their product’s unique value propositions
  • Create new value propositions to align with the competitor’s product
  • Schedule a round of user research to validate their value propositions

29. In the 5 W’s framework, researchers ask five “w” questions based on who, what, when, where, and why. Which of the following is an example of a good “why” question?

  • Why is the user in the target group?
  • Why is the problem worth a designer’s time?
  • Why is the problem important?
  • Why has the problem not yet been solved?

Devendra Kumar

Project Management Apprentice at Google

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