Week 3 – More spreadsheet basics – Shuffle Q/A 2

21. Attributes are used in spreadsheets for what purpose?

  • Analyze the data in a row
  • Insert data into each column
  • Add a new column
  • Label the data in each column

22. To determine an organization’s annual budget, a data analyst might use a slideshow.

  • True
  • False

23. Which of the following statements describes a key difference between formulas and functions?

  • Formulas contain words and numbers, and functions contain numbers only.
  • Formulas span two or more cells, and functions exist in only one cell.
  • Formulas are used in graphs, and functions are not.
  • Formulas are written by the user, and functions are already defined.

24. What do data analysts use to label the type of data contained in each column in a spreadsheet?

  • Tables
  • Menus
  • Attributes
  • Headings


25. In the function =MAX(A1:A12), what does A1:A12 represent?

  • The range
  • The operator
  • The maximum
  • The formula

26. Fill in the blank: Putting data into context helps data analysts eliminate _____.

  • labels
  • intolerance
  • bias
  • fairness

27. What is the correct spreadsheet formula for multiplying cell K3 times cell K8?

  • =K3*K8
  • =K3xK8
  • =K3/K8
  • =K3^K8

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