Week 4 – Share metrics and insights with stakeholders – Shuffle Q/A 1

13. A marketer uses the filter function in a spreadsheet to display data according to specific criteria. What additional filter option can they use?

  • Filter by user comments in multiple sheets
  • Filter by exact values or highlighted colors in cells
  • Filter by formulas and calculated values
  • Filter by data patterns and relationships within data sets

14. What is the purpose of a pivot table?

  • Pivot tables display individual data points that have been categorized into ranges, with the frequency of each range represented by the height of a unique column.
  • Pivot tables change the view of data in a spreadsheet to a different perspective to categorize it, or to identify an insight or trend.
  • Pivot tables display how a metric changes over an extended time connected with a continuous line.
  • Pivot tables display individual measurements in a vertical column.

15. A marketer uses a graph to show how a metric changes over an extended period. The chart displays a connected series of data points. What type of chart did the marketer create?

  • Horizontal bar chart
  • Vertical column chart
  • Histogram
  • Line chart

16. Which of the following is an example of a way a pie chart can be used to represent data?

  • Represent a large spike in new users with a horizontal bar
  • Represent individual data points for a changing variable connected with a continuous line
  • Represent individual data points categorized into ranges, with the frequency of each range represented by the height of a unique column
  • Represent percentages of data in sections, all adding up to one hundred percent

17. On a marketing team, who is responsible for running campaigns, identifying target audiences through research, and evaluating trends?

  • Sales manager
  • Customer service agent
  • Stakeholder
  • Marketing coordinator

18. Why would an organization hire a data analyst?

  • To collect and apply statistical methods to data, query databases, and create visualizations
  • To implement client strategies, conduct competitor research, and analyze data
  • To design visual assets for social media campaigns and print ads according to brand style guidelines
  • To coordinate marketing activities and initiatives, identify target audiences, and evaluate data trends

19. A data analyst uses visual analytics software to analyze data and create unique dashboards and visualizations. What software does this refer to?

  • R
  • SQL
  • Tableau
  • Python

20. Which of the following are considered best practices when creating slides for a presentation? Select all that apply.

  • Introduce data visualizations using titles that relate back to the insights
  • Repeat the insights when presenting the relevant, supporting data
  • Progress from specific to general topics
  • Allow time for questions so the audience can reach the same conclusion

21. Which of the following are important to understand when interacting with a stakeholder about a project? Select all that apply.

  • What the stakeholder thinks about project team members on the project
  • Which communication methods a stakeholder prefers
  • The stakeholder’s interest in the project and what their needs are
  • When to communicate with a stakeholder

22. Which of the following might be reasons to create a stakeholder map? Select all that apply.

  • To help coordinate marketing activities and initiatives and identify target audiences through research
  • To allow for people to better manage stakeholders’ expectations and avoid information overload
  • To help people work effectively without having the process consume too much of their time or energy
  • To make it easier to identify the type and amount of interaction needed to maintain each stakeholder

Shuffle Q/A 2

23. A marketer is working with a spreadsheet. What can they do to display only data that meets a certain condition and hide all non-matching data?

  • Sort the data in ascending order
  • Delete the data that does not match
  • Copy and paste the data
  • Filter the data in a column

24. An e-commerce business hires someone to organize its marketing activities and initiatives. Who is typically responsible for these tasks?

  • A data specialist
  • A marketing coordinator
  • A marketing strategist
  • A marketing analyst

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