Week 4 – Share metrics and insights with stakeholders – Shuffle Q/A 2

25. On a marketing team, who is responsible for running database queries, applying statistical methods to data, and creating data visualizations?

  • Human resources representative
  • Accountant
  • Customer service agent
  • Data analyst

26. When would a marketing team use Tableau?

  • To learn coding or programming skills to create interactive visualizations
  • To track, analyze, and display KPIs, metrics, and insights in a centralized view
  • To access and manage large databases, gather insights, and create visualizations
  • To create KPIs and metrics for a real-time interactive dashboard

27. To create KPIs and metrics for a real-time interactive dashboard

  • Use common titles that do not distract from your story
  • Use titles that clearly communicate the insights of the data
  • Refer to the data source in your titles
  • Include the name of the chart type in your titles

28. What role do stakeholders typically play in a campaign?

  • Stakeholders approve the creative used in a campaign.
  • Stakeholders create campaigns and related social media efforts.
  • Stakeholders fund a project or manage a campaign budget.
  • Stakeholders track and analyze data about a campaign’s success.

29. Which of the following are spreadsheet features that support preparing data to be shared? Select all that apply.

  • Filtering
  • Pivot tables
  • Acquiring
  • Sorting

30. What feature can a marketer use to hide data in a pivot table?

  • Filter
  • Sort
  • Columns
  • Values

31. Which of the following would enable a data analyst to communicate with databases developed by different vendors and hosted on multiple platforms?

  • Spreadsheets
  • Structured query language
  • Filtering
  • Sorting

32. Which tool should a marketing team use to present data and insights that reflects data in real time, while allowing users to interact with the data?

  • Slideshow
  • Dashboard
  • Document
  • Spreadsheet

33. Imagine a marketer is working on a campaign and wants to request a change to the budget. Which of the following presentation best practices should they use to get this change approved by stakeholders? Select all that apply.

  • Create visualizations of the data using titles that relate back to the insights
  • End the presentation with changing the budget as a call to action for stakeholders
  • Start with a general status of the campaign and then move on to the specifics of making a change to the budget
  • Do not allow any time for questions

34. Why would a marketer create a stakeholder map?

  • To determine which stakeholder is a reliable source for campaign queries and obstacles
  • To help manage stakeholder expectations and effectively share relevant information with them
  • To identify which stakeholder is the most influential and to share frequent updates with them
  • To help organize stakeholders into a graph according to their budget and experience with campaigns 

Shuffle Q/A 3

35. Why would a marketer sort data in a spreadsheet?

  • It helps them present campaign data with visualizations.
  • It helps them display data that match specific criteria.
  • It helps them find new patterns and relationships within data sets.
  • It helps them automatically remove irrelevant data.

36. Which of the following visualizations includes individual data points for a changing variable connected by a continuous line?

  • Vertical bar chart
  • Single column chart
  • Pie chart
  • Line chart

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