Week 4 – Share metrics and insights with stakeholders – Shuffle Q/A 3

37. How is an area chart different from a line chart?

  • Area charts can show data with partial and whole results.
  • The changing variable connects on a continuous line.
  • Area charts can only be single or stacked.
  • The space under the line is shaded in with colors or textures.

38. An e-commerce business hires someone to collect and analyze data as well as create visualizations. What role does this describe?

  • Marketing coordinator
  • Project manager
  • Graphic designer
  • Data analyst

39. Imagine that a marketer is working with a dataset in a spreadsheet. They want to view the data from a new perspective to help them categorize it and identify insights or trends. What spreadsheet tool should they use?

  • Pivot table
  • Data visualization
  • Values
  • Columns

40. Which three steps should you follow when creating an effective presentation using marketing analytics?

  • Introduce data visualizations, include all campaign data, and share insights at the end of the presentation
  • Develop a clear outline of the presentation, choose the correct data, and include the most relevant metrics
  • Learn about stakeholders, include all campaign data in the presentation, and use an interactive template
  • Find an interactive template, gather insights from previous campaigns, and include all metrics

41. A marketer uses a tool to categorize spreadsheet data and identify any patterns in the data. What tool allows them to do this?

  • Pivot table
  • Campaign view
  • Filter table
  • Sorted table

42. Which of the following tasks would a marketing coordinator be responsible for? Select all that apply.

  • Applying statistical methods to data
  • Identifying target audiences through research
  • Evaluating trends
  • Running campaigns

43. Which of the following resources help marketers visualize data with custom reports and dashboards? Select all that apply.

  • Google Looker Studio
  • Tableau
  • Google Sheets
  • Microsoft Excel

44. A marketer shares campaign insights with a director because the director funds the campaign and plans to make decisions based on its results. What is likely the director’s role in the campaign?

  • Marketer
  • Stakeholder
  • Data analyst
  • Campaign advisor

45. What are the three main fields used to categorize data in a pivot table?

  • Display, Columns, Filter
  • Filter, Units, Rows
  • Function, Name, Menu
  • Rows, Columns, Values

46. Which of the following guidelines should a marketer follow when working with stakeholders in a marketing campaign?

  • Create a map to understand previous campaign stakeholders
  • Identify which team members the stakeholder has worked with before
  • Understand why the stakeholder is interested in the campaign
  • Provide limited information to the stakeholder to manage their expectations

Shuffle Q/A 4

47. A marketer uses a chart to compare two variables side-by-side. The chart displays each variable as a bar. What type of chart did the marketer create?

  • Line chart
  • Histogram
  • Pivot chart
  • Vertical column chart

48. A marketer uses a graph to compare the revenue generated from five campaigns. The chart displays each campaign as a percentage of a whole. What type of chart did the marketer use?

  • Histogram
  • Pie chart
  • Bar chart
  • Line chart

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