Week 4 – Social media analytics and reporting – Shuffle Q/A 1

13. A marketer uses a tool to measure the social media ROI for a new campaign. They also learn how many followers were gained on different platforms. What is this an example of?

  • An effect of qualitative strategy 
  • A benefit of social media analytics 
  • A consideration in customer analysis 
  • A result of traffic measurement

14. At the conversion stage of the marketing funnel, a business decides to measure how many customers are referrals. What does this mean?

  • They will track how many customer testimonials they receive on social media.
  • They will track how much money each customer spent on the business that year.
  • They will track how many people came to their website from other social media platforms.
  • They will track how likely customers are to recommend the business to friends and family.

15. Imagine that a marketer wants to make their brand seem more authentic. To do that, they decide to customize content based on customer personas. What can they do to put this strategy into practice?

  • Reference historic social media trends by sharing marketing content from previous campaigns
  • Deliver general content to a wide audience, so customers frequently experience branded content
  • Prioritize sharing one type of content on multiple social media platforms
  • Create content tailored to a local audience by referencing local issues, interests, or locations

16. What is a key performance indicator (KPI)?

  • A measurement used to gauge how successful an organization is in its effort to reach a business or marketing goal.
  • A collection of data and campaign highlights used for sharing marketing campaign results with managers.
  • A document that presents and tracks relevant data about social media activities.
  • A summary of social media marketing spending projections used to budget for future campaigns.

17. What is true of quantitative data? Select all that apply.

  • It can be counted.
  • It describes qualities.
  • It describes characteristics.
  • It can be compared on a numeric scale.

18. A company launches a social media campaign for its new service. What tool can help them measure the campaign’s traffic and sales on different platforms?

  • Qualitative analytics 
  • Traffic analytics 
  • Social media analytics
  • Customer analytics 

19. Imagine that a marketer compiles demographic information about their target audience on social media. They use this information to refine their marketing tactics. What benefit of social media analytics does this describe?

  • The ability to learn from your competitors
  • The ability to choose the best platforms
  • The ability to learn what content drives results
  • The ability to better understand your audience

20. What do social media goals help marketers determine?

  • Which metrics to focus on and optimize
  • Which ad is the most impactful 
  • Which budget suits the long-term goals
  • Which stakeholders to share data with

21. A marketer observes a company’s audience and notices a trend on social media. What should they do next?

  • Identify and track new metrics that better align with the current marketing content
  • Create real-time marketing content aligned with this trend
  • Learn if competitors are responding to this trend and whether their content is successful
  • Develop content aligned with this trend after updating social media marketing goals

22. What should a marketer use to determine whether a social media marketing strategy is effective?

  • Data highlights 
  • Key performance indicators
  • Social media report 
  • Marketing metrics 

Shuffle Q/A 2

23. Consider the following scenario:

A marketer delivers a social media report presentation to a diverse group of partners. During the presentation, the marketer intentionally points out key aspects about the data. They use phrases like, “as I mentioned” and “as you may have noticed.”

What presentation best practice does this example describe?

  • Guide your audience 
  • Be flexible
  • Pace yourself
  • Be prepared

24. A marketer collects and analyzes campaign data, such as the number of followers and page views. What tool allows them to do this?

  • Customer analytics 
  • Follower analytics 
  • Qualitative analytics 
  • Social media analytics

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