Week 5 – Documentation and reports – Shuffle Q/A 1

11. A data analyst wants to include a line of code directly in their .rmd file in order to explain their process more clearly. What is this code called?

  • YAML
  • Markdown
  • Documented
  • Inline code

12. Which sample correctly implements a code chunk in a .rmd file?

  • value <- 8

  • “`{r}

    value <- 8


  • ###

    value <- 8


  • “`{!}

    value <- 8


13. What type of export document should you use while you are working and don’t need to worry about adding page breaks in the correct places?

  • HTML
  • YAML
  • PDF
  • Word

14. What are the benefits of working with R Markdown? Select all that apply.

  • R Markdown runs interactive code chunks.
  • R Markdown runs R code faster.
  • R Markdown makes it possible to use larger datasets.
  • R Markdown allows styled text between code. (=)

15. A data analyst wants to change the default file format that gets exported by the Knit button to .pdf. What field of the YAML header should they change to set the new default file format?

  • export
  • title
  • output
  • author

16. A data analyst is reading through an R Markdown notebook and finds the text _this_ is important. What is the purpose of the underscore characters in this text?

  • They add the text as an image caption
  • They wrap the text in a clickable link
  • They style the text as bold
  • They style the text as italics

17. A data analyst works with an .rmd file in RStudio and wants the ability to quickly find a code chunk using the label “analysis”. Which code example would allow the analyst to quickly access the code chunk using this label?

  • “`{analysis r}
  • “`analysis{r}
  • “`{r analysis}
  • “`{r} analysis

18. Fill in the blank: A delimiter is a character that indicates the beginning or end of _____.

  • a data item
  • an analysis
  • a section
  • a header

Shuffle Q/A 2

19. Fill in the blank: R Markdown notebooks can be converted into HTML, PDF, and Word documents, slide presentations, and _____.

  • dashboards
  • tables
  • YAML
  • spreadsheets

20. Which code snippet implements the correct syntax for writing a piece of hyperlinked text in markdown?

  • link**www.coursera.com
  • (link)[www.coursera.com]
  • [link](www.coursera.com )
  • >link–www.cousera.com<

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