Week 5 – Effevtive Project Communication – Shuffle Q/A 3

37. Which of the following items should team members discuss during the team retrospective meeting?

  • Comments on an upcoming project and reviews
  • A compiled list of how much each team member contributed
  • How profitable the project has been for the client and company
  • Lessons learned from the project by team members

38. What type of communication allows team members to send a quick informal update on a task?

  • Instant messaging
  • Phone call
  • Email
  • Virtual meeting

39. Which of the following elements do effective meetings always have in common? Select all that apply.

  • Anticipated
  • Structure
  • Collaborative
  • Intentional
  • Inclusive

40. You schedule a daily meeting with team members to review their tasks and the project schedule. What type of meeting would be helpful?

  • Stakeholder review
  • Status update
  • Retrospective
  • Project kickoff

41. Which of the following is a best practice when trying to keep your content concisein an email?

  • Leave out key information in the email so that the reader has engaging questions.
  • Send the same email content to both executives and teammates.
  • Think of all questions the reader may have and answer them in the email.
  • Remove any details in the email that don’t contribute to your readers’ needs.

42. What can be done before a meeting to facilitate a more productive meeting? Select all that apply.

  • Recap key action items and share with participants.
  • Prepare an agenda that states the purpose and goals of the meeting.
  • Invite only the people who need to be there and contribute to the meeting goals.
  • Set aside time to prepare for the meeting and review necessary materials.

43. A project manager wants to schedule a meeting with their team to review the project budget and discuss new tasks added to a milestone. What type of meeting do they need to schedule?

  • Stakeholder update
  • Project kickoff
  • Retrospective
  • Status update

44. A project manager wants to review team performance on a project while also celebrating the project's completion. What kind of meeting can they schedule?

  • Project update
  • Project kickoff
  • Stakeholder review
  • Retrospective

45. A project manager notices that team members discuss the same material several times in a recurring meeting. What can they do to ensure the meetings are more productive?

  • Schedule a follow-up meeting and invite all team members.
  • Tell team members to skip over the material when they ask questions.
  • Review action items from previous meetings to ensure accountability.
  • Schedule more recurring meetings for the team.

46. What does a project manager have to communicate clearly when managing team documents? Select all that apply.

  • Who has access to the documents
  • How documents are used
  • How often the documents are updated
  • Who originally created the documents

47. What is a best practice to ensure that project meetings respect each team member’s time and stay on track?

  • Select only relevant team members to invite.
  • Invite key stakeholders to all meetings.
  • Invite stakeholders to each meeting to oversee.
  • Include every team member in all meetings.

48. During a project meeting, a team member’s internet connection is limited and causes them to miss the remainder of the meeting. What can the project manager do to ensure all team members can attend, regardless of internet connection?

  • Ask team members to upgrade their internet connection.
  • Add a dial-in option for the team meeting in the description.
  • Ask stakeholders to provide finances for better internet providers.
  • Assign fewer tasks to the team member since they are missing meetings.

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