Week 5 – Endless career possibilities – Shuffle Q/A 1

11. Fill in the blank: A business task is described as the _____ a data analyst answers for a business.

  • solution
  • complaint
  • question
  • comment

12. When you make decisions using observation and intuition as a guide, you only see part of the picture. What can improve your decision-making?

  • Using data
  • Using assumptions
  • Creating surveys
  • Being decisive

13. Data analysts ensure their analysis is fair for what reason?

  • Fairness helps them avoid biased conclusions.
  • Fairness helps them stay organized.
  • Fairness helps them communicate with stakeholders.
  • Fairness helps them pick and choose which data to include from a dataset.

14. A large hotel chain sees about 500 customers per week. A data analyst working there is gathering data through customer satisfaction surveys. They are anxious to begin analysis, so they start analyzing the data as soon as they receive 50 survey responses. This is an example of what? Select all that apply.

  • Failing to include diverse perspectives in data collection
  • Failing to collect data anonymously
  • Failing to reward customers for participating in the survey
  • Failing to have a large enough sample size

15. An online gardening magazine wants to understand why its subscriber numbers have been increasing. What kind of reports can a data analyst provide to help answer that question? Select all that apply.

  • Reports that describe how many customers shared positive comments about the gardening magazine on social media in the past year
  • Reports that predict the success of sales leads to secure future subscribers
  • Reports that examine how a recent 50%-off sale affected the number of subscription purchases
  • Reports that compare past weather patterns to the number of people asking gardening questions to their social media

16. Fill in the blank: In data analytics, a question is _____.

  • an obstacle or complication that needs to be worked out
  • a way to discover information
  • a topic to investigate
  • a subject to analyze

17. What must a data analyst establish before they can start to plan the best approach to gather and analyze information?

  • The business task
  • The statement
  • The complaint
  • The solution

18. What is the process of using facts to guide business strategy?

  • Data-driven decision-making
  • Data ethics
  • Data visualization
  • Data programming

Shuffle Q/A 2

19. A data analyst is developing a model. They start by gathering data for groups that are underrepresented in a sample. What strategy could they employ to ensure these groups are represented fairly?

  • Oversample the underrepresented group
  • Sample the underrepresented group normally
  • Combine the underrepresented group with another group
  • Exclude the underrepresented group from the sample

20. A restaurant is trying to develop more effective staffing strategies. A data analyst recognizes that there are significantly fewer customers earlier in the business day. They conclude that opening later would be more effective for staffing. What is this an example of?

  • Creating efficiencies by analyzing customer foot traffic
  • Tailoring products to consumer buying habits
  • Creating more effective customer communication
  • Gathering customer opinions about business changes

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