Active Directory

15. What is the difference between a policy and a preference?

  • They are the exact same thing.
  • A policy is used to set a preference.
  • A policy can be modified by a local user, while a preference is enforced by AD.
  • A policy is enforced by AD, while a preference can be modified by a local user.

16. Select the right order of enforcement of GPOs:

  • Site –> Domain –> OU
  • OU –> Domain –> Sit
  • Domain –> Site –> OU
  • Site –> OU –> Domain

17. What can be used to determine what policies will be applied to a given machine?

  • An RSOP report
  • A control panel
  • gpupdate
  • A test domain

18. Which of the following could prevent logging into a domain-joined computer? Check all that apply.

  • Unable to reach the domain controller
  • The are time and date are incorrect
  • The user account is locked
  • Your computer is connected to Wifi

19. How does a client discover the address of a domain controller?

  • It sends a broadcast to the local network
  • It is provided via DHCP
  • It is pushed via an AD GPO
  • It makes a DNS query, asking for the SRV record for the domain

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