Directory Services

20. Directory services store information in a hierarchical structure. Which statements about Organizational Units (OUs) of a directory service hierarchy are true? (Choose all that apply)

  • Sub-member OUs inherit the characteristics of their parent OU.
  • Specific files within an OU, or container, are called “objects”.
  • Changes can be made to one sub-OU without affecting other sub-OUs within the same parent.
  • Parent OUs inherit characteristics of their sub-members.

21. Which directory service software would be used exclusively on a Windows network?

  • DISP
  • DSP
  • Active Directory
  • OpenLDAP

22. What roles does a directory server play in centralized management? (Choose all that apply)

  • Centralized authentication
  • Confidentiality
  • Authorization
  • Accounting

23. In LDAP, what does dn stand for at the beginning of the entry?

  • Domain name
  • Distinguished name
  • Distinguished number
  • Distinct name

24. When logging into a website that uses a directory service, what command authenticates your username and password?

  • Remove
  • Modify
  • Bind
  • Add

25. In Active Directory, which of the following can be functions of the Domain? (Choose all that apply)

  • A DNS server
  • A Kerberos authentication server
  • A server that holds a replica of the Active Directory database
  • A container

26. Which of these statements are true about Domain Controllers (DCs)? (Choose all that apply)

  • Changes that are safe to be made by multiple Domain Controllers at once are tasked by granting them Flexible Single-Master Operations.
  • The default Organizational Unit (OU), called Domain Controllers, contains all Domain Controllers in the domain.
  • Delegation can be used in Active Directory.
  • Always use the Domain Admin or Enterprise Admin for day-to-day use.

27. Juan, a network user, sends an email to you, the IT admin of the network, stating that his account is locked because he has lost his password. Select all appropriate steps in helping Juan resolve his situation. (Choose all that apply)

  • Ask Juan questions to help him remember his password.
  • Check the “User must change password at next logon” box so a new password must be created at the next logon.
  • Issue a temporary password.
  • Make sure the password reset is authorized by verifying that Juan is who he says he is.

28. What is the difference between a group policy and a group policy preference?

  • Preferences are reapplied every 90 minutes, and policies are more of a settings template.
  • A policy is editable only by admins, but anyone can edit a group policy preference.
  • Policies are reapplied every 90 minutes, and preferences are a settings template that the user can change on the computer.
  • A preference is editable only by admins, but anyone can edit a policy.

29. A client discovers the address of a domain controller by making a DNS query for which record?

  • AAAA record
  • TXT record
  • SRV record
  • A record

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30. Instead of assigning access for each user account individually, ________ is a more efficient and easier-to-manage approach.

  • centralized authentication
  • centralized management
  • active directory
  • LDAP

31. If a system administrator needs to give access to a resource to everyone in a domain, what group in Active Directory can they use?

  • All Users
  • Domain Users
  • Resource Users
  • Enterprise Admins

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