Week 4 – Engage customers with an online store – Shuffle Q/A 1

13. Which types of transactions can some point-of-sell (POS) systems process? Select all that apply.

  • Telephone
  • Fax
  • Digital
  • In-person

14. How can a marketer encourage customers to complete a purchase and not abandon their carts?

  • Wait to display additional fees until the end of the checkout process
  • Offer free shipping and no unexpected fees
  • Offer a promotion when customers share products on social media
  • Include a minimum order limit

15. Fill in the blank: Website errors cause doubt and a lack of trust in the customer’s mind, resulting in _____.

  • customers dissatisfied with their purchase
  • more promotional coupon usage
  • the closure of the e-commerce store
  • cart abandonment

16. An e-commerce company uses a separate business to store its inventory. The business conducts the order fulfillment process and ensures that orders are packaged and delivered to customers. What action did the company take?

  • They hired a fulfillment service.
  • They hired an in-house team.
  • They hired a warehouse service.
  • They hired a dropshipping service.

17. What is the advantage of in-house order fulfillment for an e-commerce brand?

  • The brand does not require space to store inventory.
  • A third party owns, manages, and stores all inventory on the brand’s behalf.
  • The brand can use custom packaging that suits the brand.
  • The brand can ship orders from multiple locations.

18. An e-commerce business considers the best way to get its products to customers. Why would they use a fulfillment service to manage the order fulfillment process?

  • It offers custom packaging that suits the brand’s identity.
  • A third party owns, manages, and stores the brand’s products.
  • The service allows the brand to control its product quality.
  • It offers multiple distribution centers that enable faster delivery times.

19. Fill in the blank: One of the most important ways to engage customers and strengthen their connection to a brand is to _____ the customer experience.

  • monetize
  • evangelize
  • personalize
  • visualize

20. Besides personalized recommendations, how else can an e-commerce store engage customers?

  • Try less conventional marketing tactics
  • Use mainstream advertising content
  • Create additional customer feedback surveys
  • Offer a rewards program

21. An e-commerce business plans to optimize the checkout process on its website. Which of the following recommendations should they consider to reach their goal?

  • The checkout process should include upselling techniques.
  • The checkout process should be fast, easy to understand, and secure.
  • The checkout process should be easy to understand and designed for account holders.
  • The checkout process should be secure and use one payment option.

22. An e-commerce business uses a point-of-sale (POS) system to capture payment information. What additional information might they capture at this stage? Select all that apply.

  • Order history
  • Browsing history
  • Promotional codes
  • Email signups

Shuffle Q/A 2

23. Fill in the blank: The biggest reason for cart abandonment is when the costs for _____ are too high.

  • currency conversions
  • shipping or taxes
  • multiple orders or promotions
  • gratuity, item limit, or returns

24. A marketer improves an e-commerce store’s checkout process. Which of the following steps did they likely implement?

  • Optimize the checkout process for mobile devices
  • Offer free pick-ups instead of delivery
  • Include a single payment option 
  • Offer a strict returns policy

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