Application Hardening

11. Why is it important to keep software up-to-date?

  • To ensure access to the latest features
  • To ensure compatibility with other systems
  • To address any security vulnerabilities discovered
  • It’s not important.

12. What types of software are typically blacklisted? Select all that apply.

  • Word processors
  • Web browsers
  • Video games
  • File Sharing software

13. What does applying software patches protect against?

  • Data tampering
  • MITM attacks
  • Undiscovered vulnerabilities & newly found vulnerabilities
  • Suspicious network traffic.

14. What should be considered when implementing software policies and guidelines?

  • The local weather forecast
  • Your reputation within the company
  • The company’s technical debt
  • What the users need in order to do their jobs

15. What is one way to check whether or not a website can be trusted?

  • The company logo
  • The quality of pictures on the website
  • Check for SSL certificates
  • The webpage design

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