crash course on python week 1 quiz answers – Shuffle Q/A 2

40. Fill in the blank to calculate how many sectors a given 16 GB (gigabyte) hard disk drive has. The given hard drive is divided into sectors of 512 bytes each. How many sectors should this drive have? Your result should be in the format of just a number, not a sentence. Note: To calculate the disk size, multiply by multiples of 1024. In the code below, the "disk_size" of 16 GB is expressed as multiplying 16 by 1024 three times to get from bytes, to kilobytes, to megabytes, and finally to gigabytes.

41. What is automation?

  • The inputs and outputs of a program
  • The process of replacing a manual step with an automated step
  • The rules of a programming language
  • The process of designing a solution to a problem

42. What is a property of Python that makes it easier to understand than some other programming languages?

  • Basic guidelines can be given and it will write the code.
  • You can use Python code in any other language.
  • Python doesn’t have a defined syntax.
  • Code is similar to the English language.

43. Which Python function will output text, or other value, to the screen?

  • echo
  • print()
  • output()
  • console.out

44. What should be the output of the expression below?


  • 15.0
  • 81.0
  • -7.625
  • 6.0

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