Week 5 – Paid social media – Shuffle Q/A 4

49. If a company is launching their first paid social media campaign, what kind of platform should they use?

  • What platform offers the most competition for the company
  • What platform is the company familiar with
  • What platform has the company never used
  • What platform does the company have an established audience on

50. How can paid social media help a company increase conversions?

  • By creating user-generated content that nurtures relationships with potential customers
  • By remarketing ads to reach people who are familiar with the company
  • By placing ads on a single platform
  • By hiding ads from competitors

51. What is the main factor a marketer should consider when choosing the best social media platform for a campaign?

  • Which platform requires a paid social media presence in order to capture a more exclusive audience
  • Which platform are they familiar with and established on
  • Which platform has been underused and allows them to establish a new audience base
  • Which platform limits the creation of organic social media

Devendra Kumar

Project Management Apprentice at Google

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