Week 5 – Paid social media – Shuffle Q/A 3

37. What guides a company’s social media advertising budget?

  • Metrics from a social media platform
  • The goals set in a paid social media strategy
  • The quarterly sales plan
  • Internal resources

38. What is organic social media?

  • Advertising without platform usage
  • Marketing without paid promotion
  • Promoting without content creation
  • Selling without company branding

39. You’re creating a new social media marketing campaign. Your goal is to increase awareness and conversions and target specific audiences. What type of social media will help you achieve your goals?

  • Paid social media
  • Multi-platform social media
  • Organic social media 
  • Conversion social media

40. What should a company consider when deciding which social media platforms to use for their campaign? Select all that apply.

  • Platforms that offer the most competition for a company
  • Platforms that a company is familiar with
  • Platforms that a company has not advertised on
  • Platforms that a company has an established audience on

41. Which of the following can help marketers allocate a budget more effectively?

  • Targeting people according to keywords
  • Using filters to narrow the target audience
  • Developing and uploading campaign content
  • Understanding platform dimensions

42. Fill in the blank: You can use _____ to boost top-performing organic content, so it reaches more people.

  • funds from your paid media budget 
  • funds from your organic media budget
  • videos and static images
  • remarketing tactics

43. What are the main types of remarketing? Select all that apply.

  • Impression-based
  • Click-based
  • Pixel-based
  • List-based

44. What do the goals you set in a paid social media strategy help with?

  • The marketing strategy
  • The business goals
  • The monthly asset list
  • The social media advertising budget

45. What are Cost-per-click (CPC), Cost-per-action (CPA), and Cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM) examples of?

  • Common social media goals
  • Common advertising metrics
  • Common remarketing strategies
  • Common bidding strategies

46. What does organic social media enable marketers to do?

  • Raise brand awareness, target specific audiences, and encourage conversions
  • Gather data about the content’s performance using analytics tools
  • Nurture connections with customers through communication and relationship-building
  • Boost top-performing organic content to reach more people

Shuffle Q/A 4

47. What does a digital marketer need to consider when developing a strategy for a paid social media campaign? Select all that apply.

  • Define campaign length
  • How to add additional staff members
  • Develop and upload creatives
  • Set campaign budget

48. Fill in the blank: A paid social media campaign should be built around reaching one of a company’s _____ on social media.

  • hesitant consumer markets
  • most exclusive customers
  • competitor’s customers
  • customer personas

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