Practice Quiz: Updating Deployments

11. What is a production environment in Puppet?

  • The software used for software development such as IDEs.
  • The parts of the infrastructure where a service is executed, and served to its users.
  • A cloud service for commercial production.
  • A Virtual Machine reserved for beta software.

12. What is the --noop parameter used for?

  • Passing a variable called noop to Puppet
  • Adding conditional rules to manifests
  • Defining what operations not to perform in a manifest
  • Simulating manifest evaluation without taking any actions

13. What do rspec tests do?

  • Checks that nodes can connect to the puppet master correctly
  • Check the specification of the current node
  • Check the manifests for specific content
  • Checks that the node is running the correct operating system

14. How are canary environments used in testing?

  • To store unused code
  • As a test environment to detect problems before they reach the production environment
  • As a repository for alternative coding methods for a particular problem
  • As a test environment for final software versions

15. What are efficient ways to check the syntax of the manifest? (Check all that apply)

  • Run full No Operations simulations
  • Run rspec tests
  • Test manually
  • puppet parser validate

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