Week 1 – Beginning The Planning Phase – Shuffle Q/A 3

37. Fill in the blank: After the stakeholders assign the project manager, the goals of the project have to be approved, as well as the scope of the project and its _____.

  • manager
  • deliverables
  • vendors
  • tools

38. What are the benefits of the project planning phase? Select all that apply.

  • Keep teammates from communicating to avoid groupthink when brainstorming ideas.
  • Identify and prepare for risks.
  • Understand the work the team needs to do to achieve their goals.
  • Coordinate efforts and timelines with other teams.

39. Suppose as a project manager, you’re running a kick-off meeting. You accurately define what work is and is not included in the project. What agenda item does this represent?

  • Scope
  • Project purpose
  • Roles
  • Intended outcome

40. What are some consequences of missing a milestone in a project? Select all that apply.

  • There can be a delay in the project schedule.
  • Team morale will increase because team members will be allowed to work more overtime hours.
  • The number of tasks needed to achieve the milestone can increase.
  • More resources may be needed to reach the deadline for the milestone.
  • The client could withhold payments due to the delay.

41. In the project planning phase, you lay out higher-level milestones and break down the effort into project tasks. What type of methodology are you using?

  • Bottom-up scheduling
  • Top-down scheduling
  • Goal scheduling
  • Team scheduling

42. Fill in the blank: During the planning phase of a project, you take steps that help you _____ to achieve your project goals.

  • avoid stakeholder input
  • depart from the current timeline
  • analyze customer feedback
  • understand the work you need to do

43. During the project planning phase, which of the following occur?

  • The client selects which vendors work on the project.
  • The project manager creates the schedule, budget, and risk management plan.
  • The client reviews the project plans for approval.
  • The project manager completes a plan, then puts it away until the project closing phase.

44. As a project manager, you facilitate a kick-off meeting. You introduce the target launch date and walk through the project milestones. Where on the agenda would this be?

  • Collaboration
  • Roles
  • Goals and Scope
  • Questions

45. Imagine that you are a project manager trying to complete a website design. What activities might be tasks that must be accomplished to complete the project? Select all that apply.

  • Create initial mock-ups of the website.
  • Test the website for usability.
  • Implement feedback by the designer.
  • Host a check-in meeting with the team.

46. You have identified all milestones for a specific project. What is the next step in setting milestones?

  • Execute the project.
  • Set a new budget based on milestones created.
  • Assign the deadlines.
  • Assign tasks to team members.

Shuffle Q/A 4

47. As a project manager, you facilitate a kick-off meeting. During the meeting, you introduce what work each person on the team is responsible for. Where on the agenda should this be?

  • Roles
  • Introduction
  • Background
  • Questions

48. As a project manager, you notice that a new government regulation may add additional tasks to the project. You bring your concern about the new regulation to the stakeholders for a discussion on how to lessen its impacts. What component of the planning phase does this situation represent?

  • Risk management
  • Budget
  • Task management
  • Schedule

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