Week 1 – Beginning The Planning Phase – Shuffle Q/A 2

25. What steps should you take to set proper deadlines for your milestones?

  • Assign as many tasks as you can for each milestone to impress stakeholders.
  • Schedule deadlines for the milestones to account for the budget.
  • Connect with teammates to discuss the tasks required for the milestone.
  • Assign milestones to be completed in week-long increments.

26. You assign new tasks to team members. You have reviewed the project timeline for the milestones. What else should you consider when assigning tasks?

  • Team member seniority
  • Task interest
  • Task novelty
  • Overall workload

27. Which of the following is a primary benefit of planning in project management?

  • It allows stakeholders to pick and choose team members they want to work with.
  • It helps the project manager understand the work needed to achieve the goal.
  • It helps team members decide the budget of the project.
  • It allows stakeholders to add more features and tasks.

28. You are in the planning phase and need to track the start date with web designers, web developers, and vendors. What component contains this information?

  • The project schedule
  • The project budget plan
  • The time management plan
  • The team reviews

29. You have assessed the risks and created a schedule for an upcoming project. What is the final component to consider in the planning phase of this project?

  • Budget
  • Task management
  • Team Building
  • Celebration

30. Suppose that as a project manager, you’re running a kick-off meeting. During the meeting, you spend about ten minutes to set expectations for the team and the next steps they should take. What agenda item does this represent?

  • What comes next
  • Roles
  • Background
  • Introductions

31. Which of the following would be considered a project milestone?

  • Deliver a first draft of a manuscript
  • Fix a bug recorded from user testing
  • Schedule time with the team to review tasks
  • Write a paragraph for project proposal

32. When creating milestones as a project manager, what should you avoid? Select all that apply.

  • Setting too many milestones because you want to appear ambitious to stakeholders
  • Having no milestones because tasks are all you need to complete the project
  • Using milestones as tasks because milestones should represent big moments in time and tasks are how to get there
  • Managing your milestones in one project management tool to stay organized

33. What is the outcome of creating a successful work breakdown structure (WBS)?

  • A resource for stakeholders to choose their favorite milestone
  • A set of project tasks that ladder up to each of your milestones
  • A set of project milestones that ladder up to each of your tasks
  • A resource for team members to choose which tasks they will work on

34. Which of the following would be considered a project milestone?

  • Write the initial introduction to the proposal
  • Host an event for the product launch
  • Hire a writer to create content
  • Research a location to host an event

Shuffle Q/A 3

35. What different components make up a work breakdown structure (WBS)?

  • List of details on a project with team member feedback
  • Milestones and tasks for the project organized in a hierarchy
  • One list of all the tasks to complete on a project
  • A document of all the work assigned to team members along with stakeholders’ comments

36. In the project planning phase, what type of meeting is the first meeting among the project team, stakeholders, and the project sponsor?

  • A team reflection meeting
  • A stakeholder approval meeting
  • A milestone planning meeting
  • A project kick-off meeting

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