Week 1 – Beginning The Planning Phase – Shuffle Q/A 4

49. As a project manager, you notice a specific milestone has a high number of tasks that may cause the team to miss a deadline. What is a reasonable course of action to adjust the milestone?

  • Meet with stakeholders to present the milestone and adjust the scope and tasks.
  • Meet with all team members to decide who can take on more tasks.
  • Adjust the deadline of the project deliverables before reviewing them with team members.
  • Monitor the timeline closely during the execution phase of the project.

50. You create a work breakdown structure. One of the major milestones is securing a venue for a conference. There are smaller jobs that must be done to reach each milestone. What are the smaller jobs known as?

  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Tasks and sub-tasks
  • Deliverables
  • Checklist items

51. Before starting the planning phase, you complete the initiation phase. What steps do stakeholders or the clients take during the initiation phase?

  • Stakeholders assign a project manager, review risk management tools, and approve the budget.
  • Stakeholders assign a project manager, select the tools to manage the project, view meeting notes, and approve the budget.
  • Stakeholders assign a project manager, approve goals, determine the scope and deliverables, and approve the project charter.
  • Stakeholders assign a project manager, determine the scope and deliverables, and select the team.

52, You are managing a project and notice a team member will be away during the execution phase. You bring your concern to the team and discuss adding extra resources to the project. Which of the following components of the planning phase does this update?

  • Budgeting
  • Forecasting
  • Risk management
  • Task management

53. Which of the following would be considered a project milestone?

  • Schedule time with the team to review tasks
  • Fix a bug recorded from user testing
  • Write a paragraph for project proposal
  • Deliver a first draft of a manuscript

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