Week 3 – Ads and campaigns in e-commerce – Shuffle Q/A 2

25. What campaign goal should a digital marketer select when creating a Smart Shopping campaign in Google Ads?

  • Views
  • Sales
  • Inventory
  • Leads

26. Fill in the blank: During _____, businesses can expect to receive the most financial gain.

  • the holidays
  • the on-season
  • the off-season
  • the warmer months

27. As an e-commerce specialist, you often recognize common trends in the industry. You use an adjustment tool in Google Ads that informs the smart bid tool when to change its bidding behavior. What is this an example of?

  • Conversion value
  • Budget changes
  • Profitability
  • Seasonality

28. What e-commerce benefit is cost effective, quick and easy to produce, and has global reach?

  • Social media campaigns
  • Print marketing
  • Smart bidding
  • Online advertising

29. A business aims to market its new product to an international audience. They require a method that generates ads easily, as their budget does not allow for additional expenses or detailed planning. How does online advertising enable them to do this?

  • By targeting specific countries using digital marketing technologies
  • By using automated structures that streamline the advertising process
  • By hiring actors and a production crew and writing the script
  • By allowing them to track analytics to learn where their ads were viewed

30. An e-commerce marketer creates an ad campaign that is not limited to the Google Search platform but can appear on any platform part of the Google Display Network. Which ad campaign did they create?

  • A video campaign
  • A display campaign
  • A search campaign
  • A social campaign

31. A marketer aims to reach new and returning customers online and considers different ad campaigns. Why should they consider a video ad campaign to reach their goal?

  • It reaches customers by placing an image advertisement across various websites.
  • It reaches billions of users worldwide before, during, or after YouTube clips.
  • It reaches customers who know what they want and are ready to make a purchase.
  • It reaches customers by listing products on search results along with a photo and price.

32. Fill in the blank: Those in the e-commerce industry use _____ to determine when a business will receive a potential increase or slowdown in revenue sales.

  • seasonality
  • Google Ads
  • Search campaigns
  • Smart Bidding

33. Fill in the blank: The_____is a tool that allows a company to forecast the impact of different spending scenarios and events during upcoming seasons.

  • Performance Planner
  • Predictive Measurer
  • Smart Bidder
  • Seasonal Adjuster

34. How can e-commerce specialists optimize their e-commerce strategy? Select all that apply.

  • Conduct more research on the industry’s booms and slumps
  • Provide a digital checkout process
  • Reconsider pricing
  • Simplify the buying process

Shuffle Q/A 3

35. Fill in the blank: Working in the field of e-commerce, digital marketers are likely to encounter four types of _____ campaigns that fit their business needs.

  • influencer-generated
  • traditional media
  • automated
  • Google Ads

36. Fill in the blank: A _____ is an automated campaign management tool within Google Ads that helps a digital marketer promote their business.

  • Smart campaign
  • Bidding campaign
  • Search campaign
  • Virtual campaign

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