Week 3 – Implementing Scrum – Shuffle Q/A 4

49. During team retrospectives, the Scrum Master notices that a team member does not speak up or ask as many questions. What can they do to ensure all members can provide feedback? Select all that apply.

  • Pair up team members to encourage participation.
  • Take the first ten minutes of the meeting to implement some quiet journaling.
  • Make no changes and hope that they will be able to speak up in the future.
  • Ask that specific team member to speak up first during retrospectives.

50. How would you best compare a Kanban board to a Scrum board?

  • The Scrum board is more visual.
  • A project team has less use for a kanban board.
  • The Kanban board is better for tracking Sprint tasks.
  • They’re essentially the same tool with minor differences.

51. Which of the following options exemplifies the Scrum pillar of transparency?

  • Consistently track all progress and updates for a task.
  • Inspect new requirements and additional features from stakeholders.
  • Consistently track points each team member completes.
  • Allow team members to compete with each other on task timelines.

52. Who has the authority to cancel a Sprint if the Sprint Goal becomes outdated?

  • The Development Team
  • The Product Owner
  • The stakeholders
  • The project sponsor

53. Work in progress (WIP) limits place constraints on how many items a team works on at any given time. What Scrum value do WIP limits encourage for a team?

  • Focus
  • Courage
  • Commitment
  • Openness

54. Which of the following best describes the purpose of a Product Backlog for the Scrum team?

  • A complete description of what your product will do.
  • The training module for your product’s release.
  • It is the guide and roadmap of your product.
  • A collection of thoughts about the product from your team.

55. Which of the following is a key deliverable of Sprint Planning?

  • Retrospective notes
  • The project charter
  • A burndown chart
  • The Sprint Backlog

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