Week 3 – Listening and engagement on social media – Shuffle Q/A 2

25. When repurposing content for social media, why should you consider whether the content is evergreen?

  • It means the content will increase in popularity over a long period.
  • It means the content will be relevant to followers over a long period.
  • It means the content will outperform all other social media posts.
  • It means the content will mention the business’s products throughout every season.

26. Why should you develop a clear, consistent brand voice for social media?

  • It increases the value of the brand and the price of its offerings.
  • It increases current and potential customers’ familiarity with the brand.
  • It increases the number of positive reviews on social media.
  • It increases the number of comments on the brand’s social media pages.

27. When writing for social media, what does a call to action help you do?

  • Provide an alternative contact number for customers to reach the business
  • Offer an email address for customers to sign up for a newsletter
  • Link to discounted offers available for the specific season
  • Encourage customers to connect with a business by taking a desired action

28. A digital marketer tracks and analyzes conversations related to a brand online. What social listening practice did they use to find these conversations?

  • Identify the most relevant keywords for the brand and its competitors
  • Calculate the average level of engagement for brands in the industry
  • Determine the difference between the brand’s prices and its competitors
  • Create a single strategy for all social media platforms

29. A digital marketer measures how people interact with a brand’s social media content and notices regular engagement, such as likes and mentions. How can the marketer use this information to increase customer engagement with the brand?

  • They can direct customers to the brand’s website.
  • They can make every post or interaction about the product or business.
  • They can respond to comments and mentions about the brand.
  • They can mimic the tone of voice that competitor brands use.

30. Fill in the blank: _____ is someone who chooses to receive updates from a business or brand on a social media platform.

  • An echo
  • A follower
  • A Tweet
  • A ping

31. Which of the following are examples of repurposing content on social media? Select all that apply.

  • Answering questions with an existing article
  • Creating blog posts based on short YouTube videos
  • Creating a new podcast series
  • Writing new content

32. When writing for social media, why should you research the type of words and phrases your audience uses?

  • It helps you maintain a consistent brand voice across social media channels.
  • It helps you communicate in a way they understand and are familiar with.
  • It helps you include calls to action that are commonly used on each platform.
  • It helps you keep posts short and simple to keep their attention.

33. Imagine a company is using social listening to learn about what is happening in their industry. What can the company learn from social listening? Select all that apply.

  • Companies to invest in
  • Gaps in the industry that a new product or solution could help solve
  • Trends or how the market is performing
  • Major events or issues happening in the world that are relevant to a brand

34. A digital marketer studies customer engagement on social media. They notice a high number of likes but few comments and mentions of the business. What tactic can they use to increase customer engagement?

  • Update their product packaging
  • Request customers’ personal information
  • Repurpose content from competitor brands
  • Develop an authentic and personal voice

Shuffle Q/A 3

35. A digital marketer notices that their business has gained a large number of new followers on Twitter in the last week. What does this increase likely indicate?

  • That people spend a lot of time on social media and actively search for content
  • That they post engaging content and have influence in the space
  • That people are ready to buy from the business and stop using competitors
  • That other social media platforms are not relevant to the business and its audience

36. A marketer creates a strategy to gain new followers on Twitter. Currently, they use relevant hashtags in tweets and regularly reply to followers. What other tactic can they use to increase their followers on Twitter?

  • They link and tag their competitors in their Tweets.
  • They promote their Twitter account on other marketing channels, such as email.
  • They include text instead of images in their social media content calendar.
  • They add a product list and pricing to their Twitter bio.

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