Week 3 – Useful tools for email marketing – Shuffle Q/A 3

37. How can marketers determine the purpose of an email marketing campaign?

  • Communicate in a tone that is courteous and helpful in some way
  • Reflect on the reader’s perspective and what kind of narrative they prefer
  • Add details such as who came up with the idea for the product
  • Consider why they are sending an email in the first place

38. As a digital marketer, you are dividing your email list by psychographic characteristics. Which of the following best represents psychographic characteristics?

  • Age, gender identity, family status
  • Purchasing habits, spending habits, brand loyalty
  • Climate, population, language
  • Lifestyle, values, hobbies

39. Which of the following best describes a merge tag or personalization tag?

  • A code that combines email lists for efficiency
  • A code that deletes similar emails before a recipient reads it
  • A code that allows the writer to insert unique user data
  • A code that sends emails automatically to recipients based on previously opened emails

40. In the context of email marketing, what is the process to ensure that the email you send does not have mistakes?

  • Quality control
  • Quality send
  • Quality planning
  • Quality review

41. You’re writing an email and you consider how the content helps the reader. Where should this information go in your email?

  • Body text
  • Sign off
  • Conclusion
  • Subject line

42. Fill in the blank: In email writing, you should always address your readers by using _____ language. This point of view is used for giving directions, offering advice, or providing an explanation.

  • third person
  • second person
  • first person
  • fourth person

43. Common email marketing mistakes include sending a broken link. What is an example of this kind of mistake?

  • Sending an email with the wrong product page URL
  • Sending an email to the incorrect age group
  • Sending an email with a “Happy holidays” message in February
  • Sending an email that reads, “Happy birthday, [First name]!”

44. As a digital marketer, you are building an email list for an upcoming campaign. How can you use search engine marketing to help build your list?

  • Add a prompt on a website that encourages people to share their email
  • Offer a discount in the ad that encourages people to subscribe to the list
  • Ask for referrals in return for a discounted offer
  • Share social media links that encourage people to follow the brand’s page

45. Imagine you are sending an email to announce a product launch. You write about how the product creators came up with the product idea, what motivated them to create it, and the problem the product solves. This represents which tip for writing effective emails?

  • Determine the purpose of your email.
  • Craft the narrative in your email.
  • Add a call to action in your email.
  • Set the tone of your email.

46. What is a best practice when writing email content?

  • Craft long emails to keep reader attention
  • Discuss product or service benefits instead of features
  • Write emails in the third person
  • Limit personalization to the subject line

Shuffle Q/A 4

47. Why is it useful to segment audiences based on demographics?

  • It changes frequently but delivers more conversions.
  • It is based on fairly consistent information that does not change frequently.
  • It shows what action customers take when shopping on a website.
  • It targets customers based on their activities, interests, and opinions.

48. As a digital marketer, you would like to use software and technology to manage email processes automatically. Which practice should you implement?

  • Email marketing automation
  • Email marketing conversion
  • Email marketing spam protection
  • Email marketing personalization

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