Week 4 – Applying Agile In The Organization – Shuffle Q/A 3

37. You create a new project roadmap that is visually appealing and contains all the information for the stakeholders to reference. However, this document took a lot of time to create and has caused some delays in the timeline. Which of the following roadmap pitfalls does this scenario represent?

  • Putting more work into it than the deliverables
  • Pressuring teams to improve deadlines
  • Pressuring teams to achieve deadlines no matter what
  • Putting less work into it than the deliverables

38. What is the measure of the team’s ability to complete work at a certain pace?

  • Story and epic
  • A product roadmap
  • A release plan
  • Capacity and velocity

39. As a project manager, you want to increase the involvement of a key stakeholder in the development process. Your team has just finished designing a new feature. You reach out to the stakeholder for feedback before the feature is implemented. Which key to influence are you demonstrating?

  • Leverage the six sources of influence
  • Clarify measurable results
  • Find vital behaviors

40. What two problems commonly arise when you fail to implement Scrum completely? Select all that apply.

  • A loss of clear roles and responsibilities
  • A decrease in customer satisfaction
  • A temptation to skip events or blend them to save time
  • An increase in interpersonal conflict

41. Fill in the blank: DevOps combines software development with _____.

  • Scrum operations
  • Business operations
  • Change management operations
  • Information Technology (IT) operations

42. How often should stakeholders and team members review a project roadmap?

  • Multiple times throughout all stages of the project
  • Multiple times during the execution phase
  • Once at the beginning of the planning phase
  • Once at the end when the product is delivered

43. You are a project manager at a company adopting the Agile approach. The team is intimidated by working in sprints, so you promise each team member a gift card at the end of the first sprint. Which of the six sources of influence does this scenario demonstrate?

  • Social motivation
  • Personal ability
  • Structural motivation
  • Personal motivation

44. What can cause an unstable product roadmap? Select all that apply.

  • Product assumptions
  • Product vision
  • Product ambition
  • Product plan

45. What is the purpose of the product roadmap in a value roadmap? Select all that apply.

  • It provides a high-level view of requirements.
  • It identifies the end users of the product.
  • It outlines a tentative schedule for reaching milestones.
  • It defines how the product will support customers’ business strategies.

46. As a project manager, you plan the release dates for your new project. What release date(s) should never be moved?

  • All of them
  • None of them
  • Only the last
  • Only the first

Shuffle Q/A 4

47. Which of the following are components of a typical value roadmap? Select all that apply.

  • A product roadmap
  • A mission statement
  • A product vision
  • A release plan

48. Fill in the blank: Core values of the Scaled Agile Framework(SAFe) are alignment and ____.

  • quality
  • transparency
  • acceptance
  • frugality

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