Week 4 – Organizational structure and culture – Shuffle Q/A 1

13. As a project manager, you believe limited access to the necessary people and equipment could cause the project to go past deadline. Which organizational topic could you discuss with your key stakeholder to get the project back on track?

  • Report availability
  • Resource availability
  • Stakeholder availability
  • Meeting availability

14. When working in different geographies, why is awareness of established customs important for understanding organizational culture?

  • It will impress your superiors.
  • It can help you feel more comfortable.
  • It can lead to product innovation.
  • It can help you form respectful relationships.

15. Which of the following best describes an example of successful change management?

  • Your team develops software that meets the success criteria presented to you by your company’s CFO.
  • Your company is restructuring and you have been chosen to manage a key project.
  • HR adopts the new onboarding process that your project team was tasked to develop.
  • Your team is selected to implement a key project for your company’s Office of Procurement.

16. Which of the following change management tools are designed to visualize your project's development process?

  • Culture mapping
  • Feedback mechanisms
  • Scatter Plots
  • Flowcharts

17. Fill in the blank: A project manager becomes a _____ at a company—someone who helps an organization transform by focusing on organizational effectiveness.

  • traditionalist
  • competitor
  • contrarian
  • change agent

18. Fill in the blank: _____ is the framework for how project decisions are made.

  • Project governance
  • Organizational structure
  • Corporate governance
  • Corporate vision

19. Which of the following best describe organizational structure?

  • How members of the organization relate to and interact with one another
  • How the organization’s identity and personality is demonstrated
  • How changes are implemented within the organization
  • How leadership creates operational processes within the organization

20. Which of the following refers to an internal group that defines and maintains project standards across the organization?

  • Matrix organizational structure
  • Project Planning Office (PPO)
  • Project Management Office (PMO)
  • Classic organizational structure

21. Which of the following concepts is a defining part of organizational culture?

  • A company’s schedule and plans
  • A company’s revenue
  • A company’s mission
  • A company’s location

22. As a project manager, your team created a more efficient reporting dashboard. Now, you’re trying to get the organization to accept and adopt the new dashboard. What organizational process does this situation represent?

  • Project governance
  • Change adoptance
  • Project management
  • Change management

Shuffle Q/A 2

23. What can a project manager do to manage changes effectively and encourage project adoption? Select all that apply.

  • Avoid having team members as advocates because they may be too enthusiastic about the project
  • Create a sense of ownership and urgency around the project
  • Communicate clearly by being transparent and upfront with their ideas
  • Encourage supervisors to use their authority to force employee adoption

24. As someone interviewing for a project management role, you want to understand the organizational culture of the company you’re interviewing with. Which of the following questions could help you learn about the company’s processes? Select all that apply.

  • How might the person in this role contribute to the organization’s mission?
  • How many new projects does the company expect for this year?
  • How do employees measure the impact of their work?
  • How are new employees onboarded?

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