Week 4 – Search engine marketing (SEM) and display advertising – Shuffle Q/A 4

49. As a display ad best practice, you should use new display ads every few weeks. Why is this important?

  • Because banners become more effective over time, using new ads prevents potential customers from taking action too quickly.
  • Swapping lower-performing creative assets helps to align landing page copy and ad copy.
  • Because banners have limited space for headlines, using new ads allows you to create longer headlines.
  • Swapping lower-performing creative assets for new ads prevents potential customers from developing ad fatigue.

50. Fill in the blank: Ad _____ are a collection of similar ads, themed keywords, and bids.

  • formats
  • batches
  • groups
  • keywords

51. A business hasn't built up enough authority or reputation to receive traffic for certain search terms in the search listings. Which benefit of search engine marketing addresses this need?

  • It helps you reach customers who are likely to buy from your company
  • You can quickly appear in the search results pages
  • An algorithm to determine which landing page the searcher will go to
  • You can learn which of your ads are driving sales

52. Which of the following statements refers to ad rank? Select all that apply.

  • The quality of an ad does not affect the ad rank
  • It is a value Google uses to determine an ad’s position
  • There is one factor that determines ad rank
  • It is where an ad shows on a particular search

53. Fill in the blank: Ad _____ are a set of ad groups that share a budget, location targeting, and other settings.

  • formats
  • categories
  • campaigns
  • batches

54. What information does an ad extension include?

  • Additional products and images related to the search
  • Additional website links, a phone number, or an address
  • A link to call a business instantly 
  • A link to find a business on Google Maps

55. Which of the following refers to the phrase keyword match type?

  • It may not include the keyword itself and shows your ads to related keywords
  • It may show on searches that have the same meaning or same intent as a keyword
  • It gives you control over who experiences your ad and is more flexible than exact match
  • It is more flexible than exact match and more targeted than broad match

56. Fill in the blank: Ad _____ are the text, videos, and images that appear alongside Google search results.

  • budgets
  • formats
  • bids
  • keywords

57. As a digital marketer, you may create ads. Which of the following refers to uploaded display ads?

  • Google provides all design resources to create the ad according to a specific format
  • You have less control over the ad’s appearance, but it is easier than creating the ad yourself
  • You will have to create the ad graphic, meet the required specifications, and then upload the ad
  • Google uploads the content, such as images, headlines, logos, videos, and descriptions

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