Weekly challenge 4: Participate in design critique sessions – Shuffle Q/A 2

31. A design critique session is a chance for team members to exchange ideas and make collective choices about a design. What is another advantage of a design critique session?

  • Design critique sessions decrease tension between colleagues.
  • Design critique sessions increase team camaraderie.
  • Design critique sessions are a great opportunity for designers to practice giving feedback to other team members.
  • Design critique sessions encourage friendly competition between different designers and teams.

32. Imagine a designer receives and synthesizes feedback from a design critique session for a personal care service app. Which response is most effective for the designer to take action to improve the design?

  • “The booking page should show a summary of services booked and appointment times so the user can have a confirmation that services have been booked.”
  • “Why is there a spa option?”
  • “You should change the main color to purple.”
  • “You should consider adding a retail section.”

33. Jocelyn has just finished going over her notes from a design critique. One of the pieces of feedback was that the information architecture (IA) on the homepage is a little confusing. What are some possible actions Jocelyn should take? Select all that apply.

  • Mark the feedback as not doable and move on to something else.
  • Scrap the entire homepage design and start over from scratch.
  • Iterate on the homepage design.
  • Follow-up with the reviewer on what specific elements of the IA were problematic.

34. A UX designer has received feedback about a mobile app they’re designing. Now, they are reflecting on the feedback they received. Which of the following ideas is helpful for the designer to remember about the feedback process?

  • They should only ask for feedback occasionally.
  • They don’t have to always follow every piece of feedback.
  • They will get to offer their own negative feedback soon enough.
  • They can limit the amount of feedback they request from colleagues.

35. Identify advantages of receiving feedback. Select all that apply.

  • Builds the designer’s confidence and skills
  • Focuses the designer’s perspective on the most important goal
  • Broadens the designer’s perspective
  • Improves designs

36. A team member provided feedback to a designer and suggested a different layout that is more accessible. The team member then created a wireframe with the new layout. How can this team member provide better feedback in the future?

  • Use the approach consistently, since the team member provided a fair critique
  • Describe problems with the design, not offer solutions
  • Advise other ways the designer should change the design
  • Support the feedback with a reason

37. What is the term for a planned period of time where UX designers present their work to team members and listen to feedback?

  • Team meeting
  • Inspiration session
  • Design critique session
  • Insight meeting

38. What are some advantages of receiving feedback as a UX designer? Select all that apply.

  • Broadens the designer’s perspective
  • Builds confidence and skills
  • Improves the design
  • Matches the designer’s personal bias

Shuffle Q/A 3

39. A designer is reviewing notes from a design critique. One piece of feedback was that the layout of the product page was confusing. What are some possible actions the designer should take? Select all that apply.

  • Start over with a new product page design
  • Follow-up with the reviewer on what specifically was confusing
  • Iterate on the product page design
  • Save that feedback for later and move on to something else

40. After preparing feedback and making sure the reasoning is clear, what is the next thing a designer should do?

  • Wait until there’s a team check-in meeting and share it then
  • Find an appropriate time to share their thoughts
  • Send an email about the problems
  • Confirm with a senior member of the team that the feedback is helpful

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