Week 1 – Introduction to attract and engage customers with digital marketing – Shuffle Q/A 1

13. Consider the following customer persona:

A 38-year-old woman who exercises regularly and does not think that she has enough time to cook meals after work.

What component of the customer persona is missing?

  • Cost
  • Barrier
  • Goal
  • Demographics

14. What are the four stages of the marketing funnel?

  • Awareness, influence, conversion, loyalty
  • Awareness, consideration, conversion, competition
  • Awareness, consideration, conversion, sale
  • Awareness, consideration, conversion, loyalty

15. Which of the following best describes a customer who is in the loyalty stage?

  • They are learning about the product.
  • They are comparing prices and asking for recommendations.
  • They share how great the product is with family and friends.
  • They want to know more about the product.

16. Fill in the blank: Strategies support the plan to achieve the marketing goal and tend to be general ideas. _____ are actions taken to make the plan happen.

  • Methods
  • Tactics
  • Techniques
  • Schemes

17. As a digital marketer, you focus on search engine optimization and creating content to reach potential customers not familiar with your brand. This strategy falls under which marketing funnel stage?

  • Loyalty
  • Conversion
  • Consideration
  • Awareness

18. Which of the following strategies helps to turn customers into loyal brand followers?

  • Offer a money-back guarantee or free trial
  • Encourage customers to leave a positive review
  • Use search engine marketing to increase visibility
  • Change the color of the purchase button

19. Which of the following strategies motivates a potential customer to make a purchase in the conversion stage?

  • Recommend add-ons to the current product
  • Create a loyalty program and email customers about it
  • Ask customers to write a review and share a picture on social media
  • Send follow-up emails to remind customers about abandoned carts

20. A marketer plans to build interest in a new product. Which strategy will help them during the consideration stage?

  • Change the purchase button from “add to cart” to “buy now”
  • Share customer testimonials on the website and social media
  • Send follow-up emails about abandoned carts
  • Ask customers to leave a positive review

21. Fill in the blank: _____ are information specific to the customer such as age, gender identity, family size, occupation, and location.

  • Occupations
  • Demographics
  • Influences
  • Skills

22. You’re creating a customer persona and you collect the following information:

A 45-year-old man who regularly watches movies online and does not think he has a wide enough selection of movies to choose from.

What question should you ask to complete this customer persona?

  • What are the customer’s interests?
  • What is the customer’s goal?
  • What is the customer’s budget?
  • What are the customer’s skills?

Shuffle Q/A 2

23. Which of the following best describes the conversion stage of the marketing funnel?

  • When customers become repeat customers and brand advocates
  • The process to build a potential customer’s interest in your product or service
  • When a potential customer first becomes aware of the product or service
  • The process to get a potential customer to take a desired action

24. Fill in the blank: Search engine marketing increases a website's visibility in a search engine through _____.

  • partnerships
  • photos, video, or text
  • paid advertisement
  • social media platforms

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