Week 1 – Introduction to from likes to leads: interact with customers online – Shuffle Q/A 3

37. A marketer promotes a product on social media by including a link to the product page. What benefit of social media marketing does this refer to?

  • It increases traffic to a website
  • It increases the number of employees
  • It builds relationships with existing customers
  • It provides useful insights

38. A marketer aims to introduce a company’s latest service to a wider audience online. How might social media help them achieve this goal?

  • It helps companies share long-form articles and build solid relationships with existing customers.
  • It targets high-income customers who shop for services instead of products.
  • It helps companies share content that raises brand awareness and attracts new customers.
  • It provides valuable insights into a company’s competitors and their budget.

39. Fill in the blank: Because people use social media platforms to interact with friends, family, and companies, you can connect with users whenever they log in. This makes social media a natural place to _____.

  • gain valuable information
  • target new customers
  • make up lost leads
  • increase sales revenue

40. Consider the following scenario:

A digital marketer is running a social media campaign for a company that sells dog treats. Customers are posting pictures of their dogs devouring these treats on social media.

This user-generated content is an example of which type of media?

  • Owned
  • Earned
  • Paid
  • Borrowed

41. Why would a marketer consider paid remarketing to target customers in the conversion stage of the marketing funnel?

  • Remarketing provides detailed information about the business and what makes it better than the competition.
  • Remarketing provides detailed information to help attract attention and raise brand awareness.
  • Remarketing reaches people who have already shown an interest in a business and offers them incentives to complete a purchase.
  • Remarketing reaches people who have already made a purchase and incentivizes them to make a repeat purchase.

42. A digital marketer creates content for a company’s social media accounts. What does social media marketing enable the marketer to do with the content?

  • Reduce the number of email unsubscribes and target a wider audience
  • Appear higher in social media feeds than their competitors
  • Generate a certain number of customer reviews per month
  • Connect with customers and help them better understand the company

43. What are the reasons why social media marketing has become a crucial element of many companies’ business development strategies? Select three answers.

  • Gain valuable insights
  • Drive traffic to a company’s website
  • Build stronger relationships with existing customers
  • Hire more employees than the competition

44. A digital marketer interacts with users online to improve their experiences with a brand. They track conversations and trends related to the brand. What process are they using to determine what users think about the brand?

  • Analytics tracking
  • Social listening
  • Data collecting
  • Social media planning

45. Fill in the blank: _____ media is all the digital content a brand fully controls.

  • Owned
  • Paid
  • Trademark
  • Copyright

46. How does influencer marketing increase the effectiveness of a paid social media strategy?

  • It allows the business to control social media conversations surrounding its products and services.
  • It rewards customers for sharing and engaging with the business’s social media content.
  • It targets customers who might be interested in the business but are not actively searching for it.
  • It generates more paid media for the business, such as image and video ads.

Shuffle Q/A 4

47. Why is social media an effective tool for targeting new customers?

  • Business promotions appear more frequently on social media feeds than on any other platform.
  • Social media automatically directs customers to a website when they view a post on business’s timeline.
  • Social media provides valuable insights into a business’s competition.
  • People are already active and available on social media platforms because they are interacting with family, friends, and businesses.

48. Consider the following scenario:

Potential customers are searching for more information to help them decide whether or not to make a purchase. They may be looking for reviews or comparing the company’s offerings to other competitors.

What action should the company take to set their brand apart from the competition?

  • Develop social media content that relates to the purchases potential customers have already made
  • Capture product sales of potential customers who fit the target audience
  • Provide potential customers with more detailed information about the brand
  • Nurture relationships with potential customers, so the company can remain in their minds

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