Week 1 – Introduction to satisfaction guaranteed: develop customer loyalty online – Shuffle Q/A 1

13. As a digital marketer, you notice that customers often visit an e-commerce website but do not complete a purchase. How can dynamic remarketing with Google Ads help you re-engage these customers?

  • By displaying ads that include limited stock notifications
  • By displaying ads that include products that the customer has already viewed
  • By displaying ads that recommend a random mix of products to the customer
  • By displaying ads that include products the company would like to promote

14. Sending post-purchase emails helps ease the feeling of what among online customers?

  • Buyer’s remorse
  • Seller’s excitement
  • Buyers excitement
  • Seller’s remorse

15. As a digital marketer, you pace your communication with customers as part of an effective post-purchase communication strategy. How can you pace your communication?

  • Wait an appropriate amount of time before emailing customers to prevent them from being overwhelmed by the business.
  • Quickly offer discounts or free gifts via email to encourage customers to return to the business.
  • Send several emails to customers regularly so that they remember the business and return for a purchase.
  • Personalize the experience and greet customers by their names instead of referring to them as “customer.”

16. Which of the following questions should you use to reflect on your survey after completing it? Select all that apply.

  • Does this question make an assumption about my customer?
  • Does this question ask too much personal information?
  • Should this question be more complex?
  • Is the wording used in the question simple and easy to understand?

17. Which page on your website is likely to save you time, build trust between your brand and customers, and bring in new traffic to your website?

  • Contact page
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQ) page
  • About us page
  • Terms and conditions page

18. A marketer creates a customer satisfaction (CSAT) survey and sends it to a large database of customers. What information did they gather from the CSAT survey?

  • How satisfied customers are with the website
  • How loyal customers are to the business
  • How satisfied customers are with the business’s products or services
  • How willing customers are to refer the business to friends

19. As an e-commerce marketer, you know that customer loyalty is necessary to build a brand. Which of the following will help you build customer trust and ultimately gain their loyalty?

  • Offer useful products with a quality guarantee
  • Maintain email-only customer service
  • Limit the return policy options
  • Share customer information with relevant businesses

20. An e-commerce marketer builds customer loyalty to a brand by creating a sense of community online. They encourage customers to share their experiences with the brand. What actions can the marketer encourage customers to take as part of the brand community? Select all that apply.

  • Sign up for a subscription service
  • Write a product review
  • Join a forum
  • Upload photos to social media

21. As a digital marketer, you use a subscription program to incentivize customers. What could this subscription model require customers to do?

  • Make a recurring or annual payment
  • Reach a specific spending goal
  • Spend money to reach a higher tier
  • Spend money to gain points

22. To create an effective e-commerce rewards program, businesses should consider how they can create a community within their customer base. Which of the following helps with community building?

  • Share an infographic about the business
  • Begin an email with the recipient’s name
  • Use exciting copy on the shop page
  • Create a members-only virtual event

Shuffle Q/A 2

23. As a digital marketer, you aim to remove any sense of regret customers may experience after making a purchase. What follow-up method can help ease these negative feelings? Select all that apply.

  • Send customer satisfaction surveys that let customers rate products using a type of scale system
  • Send multiple emails to remind customers how successful the business is and that they should be happy with their purchase
  • Send “thank you” emails that provide a short and friendly follow-up that shows your appreciation to customers
  • Send “Hurry” emails that provide a follow-up promotion and asks when they will make their next purchase

24. As a digital marketer, you use surveys to help understand customer needs and interests. Which of the following tips should you consider when creating survey questions?

  • Complex answer options perform better.
  • Remember to use the brand’s tone of voice.
  • Freely ask for personal and sensitive information.
  • Leading questions gather more information than open-ended questions.

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