Week 1 – Programming and data analytics – Shuffle Q/A 3

31. In which two parts of RStudio can you execute code? Select all that apply.

  • The environment pane
  • The source editor pane
  • The R console pane
  • The plots pane

32. How do data analysts refer to the words and symbols they use to write instructions for computers?

  • Programming languages
  • Syntax languages
  • Code languages
  • Variable languages

33. A data analyst wants to write R code in RStudio that will go away after they close their current session. Where should they write their code?

  • Environment tab
  • Source editor
  • Plots tab
  • R console

34. What are the benefits of using a programming language for data analysis? Select all that apply.

  • It does not require data cleaning
  • It is faster to clean data.
  • It is easy to share code.
  • It does not require specific syntax.

35. In RStudio, where can you find a list of all of the R commands you have run in your current sessions?

  • Help tab
  • Files tab
  • Source editor
  • History tab

36. What is a type of application that brings together all the tools a data analyst may want to use in a single place?

  • Spreadsheet
  • Integrated development environment
  • Database
  • Dashboard

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