Week 3 – Digital marketing and e-commerce strategy – Shuffle Q/A 2

27. What does Media Mix refer to?

  • The combination of digital channels used to reach your goals and how you divide your budget among them.
  • The stages of the marketing funnel and the goals you set for the duration of the campaign.
  • The budget you have allocated to a marketing campaign and the goals you set for the duration of the campaign.
  • The combination of internal and external marketing efforts and how you divide your budget among them.

28. Fill in the blank: Your business goals and your marketing goals need to be specific and _____.

  • simple
  • long term
  • expensive
  • measurable

29. Which of the following are examples of paid media? Select all that apply.

  • Blog content
  • Shopping ads
  • Website content
  • Video ads

30. How does paid search compare to search engine optimization (SEO)?

  • Paid search produces results more slowly.
  • Paid search produces results that last longer.
  • Paid search produces results that decrease website traffic.
  • Paid search produces results more quickly.

31. A social media manager decides when to post content and how often. They would like to regularly engage followers without posting too much.

Which one of the five pillars of social media marketing does this represent?

  • Plan of action
  • Paid social media
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Planning and publishing
  • Listening to the audience

32. A brand wants to build and maintain relationships with new and existing customers. To do that, they send emails with relevant, helpful content to a list of existing subscribers. What is this strategy called?

  • Paid search
  • Email marketing
  • Keyword research
  • Social media marketing

33. Which of the following best describes brand equity?

  • How a company is thought of by the public
  • The number of customers that purchase a brand’s primary asset, like a product or service
  • The value customers give to a brand’s offerings when compared with similar products from another brand
  • How a company communicates its values and culture

34. Why is it important to know about brands and their values?

  • It guides marketing and sales efforts.
  • It improves your products.
  • It promotes your services.
  • It reduces costs.

35. Which of the following refers to a digital marketing strategy?

  • Goals are not important.
  • It starts with planning ad campaigns or social media outreach.
  • It is usually a broad collaborative effort.
  • It is usually done by one person.

36. What is a small, targeted objective that is specific to promotional activities?

  • Marketing goal
  • Business goal
  • Customer goal
  • Revenue goal

37. What can brands do to deliver an experience that feels specific to each individual?

  • Address each recipient directly
  • Match where the customers are in the marketing funnel
  • Don’t follow up with potential customers
  • Avoid sending birthday promotions

Shuffle Q/A 3

38. Fill in the blank: When brands _____ their lists, it makes it easier to build relationships with customers.

  • spam
  • spend less on
  • ignore
  • segment

39. Which of the following statements best describe how a company’s brand and marketing work together? Select all that apply.

  • A company’s marketing strategy can help a business build its brand.
  • A company’s marketing strategy defines its brand identity.
  • A company’s brand identity changes with its marketing strategy.
  • A company’s brand is the foundation for its marketing strategy.

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