Weekly challenge 5: Build a professional presence – Shuffle Q/A 2

31. How can a designer reinforce their professional presence online?

  • Keep their design style, professional photos, and personal brand consistent across platforms.
  • Curate a company’s statement that reflects their brand and work.
  • Post exclusive content on their preferred social media platform.
  • Post personal opinions about non-industry subjects.

32. Which popular online community for UX designers focuses on long-form writing?

  • Medium
  • Facebook
  • Reddit
  • Instagram

33. A designer creates a new Twitter account, posts pictures of several designs, and links her portfolio. How can this impact her job search?

  • Recruiters are unlikely to check her social media accounts, so she can keep her interactions and posting activity to a minimum.
  • Recruiters may find her designs since they often check social media accounts after the application process begins.
  • Recruiters may review her Twitter account rather than a traditional portfolio to assess her work history and skills.

34. Personal branding should be platform-specific.

  • True
  • False

35. You are using a website builder to assemble your portfolio site. Which of the following are the most important things to remember when building the site? Select all that apply.

  • Show the coding work that went into the site.
  • Put your UX design work front-and-center.
  • Prioritize the UX of the portfolio site.
  • Create as much of the site as possible with HTML and CSS.

36. How might a non-disclosure agreement affect a designer’s portfolio?

  • They help designers avoid sharing sensitive information.
  • They help designers demonstrate their design process.
  • They help designers display their designs.

37. A designer is working on their professional presence online. They’re trying to make their presence more uniform across platforms. What task should they start with?

  • Putting their professional portfolio behind password protection
  • Making sure their color scheme, logo, font, and other design elements are consistent
  • Hiring a visual designer to create personalized marketing materials
  • Starting entirely new professional presences on UX websites and social media platforms

38. Identify websites that feature a job board to assist designers in procuring their next job or project. Select all that apply.

  • LinkedIn
  • Behance
  • Dribbble
  • Medium

Shuffle Q/A 3

39. Should designers prepare for potential employers to check their social media accounts during the application process?

  • Yes, potential employers typically check social media accounts to learn about a designer’s outside interests.
  • No, designers don’t need to worry about employers checking social media accounts, since a resume and portfolio are typically sufficient.
  • Maybe, but since it’s not always part of the application process, designers do not need to establish a strong presence on their media accounts.

40. A hiring manager is considering applications for an open UX designer position at their company. What materials might they want to review that highlight each applicant's design work and skills?

  • Design portfolio
  • Client testimonials
  • Social media posts
  • Employee recommendations

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